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Ken LaDeroute

Ken LaDeroute is a certified professional mindset coach, meditation teacher, former pro musician and founder of Clarity Mind Institute. Ken helps stressed-out creative entrepreneurs overcome overthinking and reset their mindset to a calm, clear, and focused mindset so they can make better decisions, do their best work, optimize emotional management, and live a simplified life without continually running past the finish line.

182 articles published

What About You?

Time is the real wealth. Lately, I've been taking more time to do things that bring me joy. Playing the guitar, spending time in nature and longer periods of mindfulness meditation. Taking time for yourself seems idyllic and unrealistic to many of us. With many people taking on an abundance of responsibility and struggling to make…

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Love Is All There Is

Love is the continual, inexorable, evolutionary progression toward reunion with the Godhead. With God’s out-breath came the Big Bang. Along with the creation of countless divine sparks of individualized units of pure consciousness, the out flowing of Her Love began. This Divine Will and expansion still roars through the universe in the form of Divine Light and…

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