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10 Ways to Get Clear in the New Year

Find Your Way to ClarityIt’s a brand new day, a new start – where do you begin? The place to start is where you are right now.

It’s easy to feel lost and confused when you expect a clear master plan to unfold. In actuality, the master plan does exist, with every small step you take. The actions you take right now are your new beginnings.

Your inner intelligence is working with universal intelligence leading you toward exactly what you need for your growth. At first, you don’t need to have a perfect vision of how your journey will unfold. The ego acts as a distraction when it tries to get involved and control.

I know it sounds trite, but listen to your heart and you will find the clarity you seek.

We tend to base our sense of what is possible by what has happened in the past. We must look beyond what we already know. We must look for the unimaginable.

Developing mental clarity merely requires that we look closely at our thought processes and emotions. Becoming able to watch mental processes such as decision-making and everyday thinking patterns can bring more advanced degrees of mental clarity, which leads to the observation of observing the observer.

1 – Time Alone

A silt-laden river that flows into the ocean is washed clean. Similarly, the human being loses its limitations, when it merges into the wholeness of Oceanic being. Meditation is the river to get you there.

Time alone helps put things into perspective. It allows you to look at opposing viewpoints. It reawakens your innate knowingness – the heart of your being-ness. It deepens your sense of the possible and reconnects you with Source – pure clarity.

Sit in the same place, at the same time everyday for 10 minutes or more, and breathe in appreciation for your life. Empty the mind of its contents. Getting clear about what you want in the New Year requires stillness.

The practice of solitary contemplation will eventually spill over into your daily life.

2 – Being Present

It’s very easy to slip out of the present moment and back into negative and pointless thought loops about the past and future.

With every passing moment, the more time you spend fully in the now brings more clarity. And,

  • You become more open and receptive to opportunities
  • You gain better listening skills
  • You experience less stress
  • You improve your creativity

If you notice that you are not in the present moment you can reconnect with it by simply bringing awareness to your breathing.

Focus completely on your immediate surroundings. Watch how you tie your shoes. Walk with more mindfulness. Really taste your food.

Nothing brings you into the present moment like taking action. Decide what you want to do and just do it now.

3 – Clarity is a Decision

The word ‘decide’ comes from the Latin decidere, which means, “to cut off from.”

To make a decision, you must remove other potential directions. If you are open to lots of different directions at the same time, you can easily become confused.

Decide what you want, and then pursue it with passion and energy.

When you commit yourself to one specific direction, clarity is the result.

4 – Envision

You are responsible for creating your own clarity from within. If you lack clarity, then get busy creating it.

Every New Years Day, I make it a habit to write out a 300 word vision statement for each of the following categories:

  • Career
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Fun
  • Contribution

Make it as clear and specific as you can. See the Big Picture. Use the words ‘I Want.’ Be as sensory as you can in your details. Read them during your morning mindfulness meditations.

Visualize them. Feel them to be true. Imagine what it’s like to be in total clarity.

What kind of people and circumstances would be in your reality? What would your surroundings look like if you were really clear about your life’s mission? Imagine how you would dress, and how you would communicate with others.

Imagine feeling crystal clear about your life’s direction.

5 – Positive Words

Write out a positive affirmation for each category. Read the affirmation after your mindfulness meditation. Here’s mine for the wealth catagory:

“I add so much value to other people’s lives, avalanches of abundance support my every need and desire”.

6 – 3 MIT

Wake up every morning to your 3 MITs. That’s: “Most Important Things.”

These are the 3 things you’ll do that will get you closer to your larger goal. Start with the hardest one first. This one exercise can move mountains.

“What is the most important thing I can do right now?”

If you are lost in what to do next in your day, week or life, ask yourself this question. The answer might not always be what you want to hear because the most important thing is often the hardest thing you have to do.

This one question can help you check your priorities and stop you from getting lost in busy work like checking Facebook or inboxes over and over during the day, instead of focusing on your Most Important Things.

7 – Clear Out Clutter

Get rid of stuff you haven’t used for more than 2 years. Give it away. Your psychological space will love you for it.

You can get things done faster by setting deadlines and by batching similar tasks (like answering all your emails in a row).

One thing I have worked on this past year is simplifying how I do things and cutting out irrelevant things.

8 – Lighten Up

Don’t take everything so seriously. It’s all right. Everything is REALLY all right. You can’t get clear if you’re in a bad mood.

Whenever you feel like nitpicking or some other pettiness, ask yourself this question. “Who cares?”

Asking yourself “Who cares?” is a way to lighten up and not take every thing so seriously.

This question allows you to be more open with yourself and the people around you. It’s a simple way to let go and surrender control in your life.

When you lighten up – clarity is the byproduct.

8 – Clarity Killers

Mind-numbing, repetitive distractions can have an adverse effect on your clarity. Video games, too much socializing, excessive TV, or web surfing can zap your clarity.

Living with unfocused people who are drifting aimlessly without direction can affect your clarity.

Living with people whose goals and values are not the same as yours can affect your clarity.

Too much junk food, alcohol, or recreational drugs can affect your clarity.

9 – Clarity Boosters

Being with clear, focused people whose goals and values are similar to yours will enhance your clarity.

Reading or listening to inspirational and motivational material will boost your mental clarity.

Eating healthy foods will keep your mind sharp and alert.

10 – Consider Hiring a Coach

How do you see yourself? How do other’s see you? Do you ever confuse yourself?

• I hire coaches to get me to the next level.
• I hire coaches to motivate and enthuse me.
• I hire coaches to keep me focused and be accountable.

They keep me clear about who I say I am.

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