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Get Magnetic: Practice Conscious Appreciation

law of attractioinAsk any neuroscientist – our brains generate electricity. Changes in the brain’s electrical impulses can be consciously self-generated. This is called operant conditioning.

When we choose to alter our thinking, we alter cortical rhythms as well as the brain’s structure. In essence, we become our attention.

If you want to do or have something different, you have to start thinking or vibrating differently. You have to be vibrating at the frequency of what you want to attract.

Since energy follows attention, and like attracts like, what kind of energy are you attracting?

Practice Conscious Appreciation

One way to ramp up your magnetic attraction vibration is to practice conscious appreciation.

  • Think of 3 things that you can appreciate right now.
  • Think of 3 things you can appreciate or value about yourself right now.
  • Think of 3 things that may not be going your way – now appreciate them, right now.

Searching our minds for things that we can appreciate is a fabulous state changer.

Sympathetic Vibration

Along with music and personal development, audio engineering has always been my abiding passion.

In audio parlance, being ‘out of phase’ is two or more signals whose phase relationship with each other is incongruent. The resulting sound is weak and hollow.

Sometimes I think our hearts and minds are out of alignment or ‘out of phase.’

When our hearts and minds are vibrating congruently with love and compassion we create a magnetic field that abundance simply can’t resist!

I ‘Preciate Ya!

A common expression in the North Carolina mountain town where I live is, “preciate It”. Or, “I ‘preciate ya”. When I first moved here from Canada, I thought, “what a lovely thing to say!”

Appreciation is a gift you can give to anyone you encounter. You can also inwardly give appreciation to groups gathered at a public event or church service,

Being in a constant state of appreciation is good for you and good for the world.

  • When you radiate appreciation, abundance is drawn to you.
  • When you radiate success, success is drawn to you.
  • When you radiate love, you’ll get more of it.

Breathing in Appreciation

Imagine a hole at the center of your chest. Visualize yourself breathing in appreciation for all. Feel it expand like you are blowing up a balloon. With each inhalation, see the balloon of appreciation growing larger. Allow your spiritual heart to expand. Do this for 2 or 3 minutes. You can do this exercise anytime or anywhere you like.

You can also imagine breathing in appreciation for something that you love, like a friend, spouse, hobby or place. When you do, that love will grow stronger in your life.

2 – 4 – 6 – 8 Who do You Appreciate?

I recently attended a music concert and the band started playing an old tune that I completely forgot about. It was written and recorded by Bo Diddly, called: “Who do You love.”

So who do you love? What kind of person are you attracted to? Let’s get specific here. Get out a piece of paper and write down the exact qualities of a person that attracts you. Awareness is power and writing it down brings it into manifestation. How about writing a 250 word statement about exactly who you would like to attract.

Here’s my short list:
I’m attracted to people who are comfortable in their own skin. I’m also attracted to open, compassionate and easy-going people. I love people who are spontaneous, fun and witty. I’m attracted to successful people.

What frequency do these people vibrate to? What is the quality or frequency of their voice? What makes your vibration different or similar to theirs? What do you suppose these people think about?

Appreciation Affirmations

The persistent use of positive daily affirmations is a great tool to help you remember to be appreciative.

I appreciate my life and everyone in it
I love and appreciate myself
I appreciate my surroundings
I appreciate the differences I find in people
I appreciate my lessons in life

If you forget to consciously appreciate, why not buy our “Soul Affirmation – Music for Better Outcomes” CD. Just listen and allow these positive daily affirmations to affect your sub-conscious mind.

I’m Thinking of Good Vibrations

How can you not be in the moment when you are in a state of conscious appreciation?

There is always something to appreciate. Take a few minutes everyday and cultivate a synchronous appreciation vibration in your brain and in your heart.

Re-calibrate your vibration to: love, peace, gratitude and success. That’s exactly what you’ll get in return.

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