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Get Out of Your Rut

changes roadsignDo you feel like your life is stuck?

When you find yourself discontent with everyday life, or you have a nagging feeling that you need a change, you’re probably in a rut. Ruts are not uncommon. So many of us find ourselves stuck in a job we don’t like, living repeated patterns of frustration and stress, and even feeling less than enthusiastic about our relationships and family.

Getting out of ruts can be challenging. We have a great ability to change ourselves, but we often don’t know where to begin. Sometimes it just takes a helping hand: an outside perspective, fresh ideas, or someone to act as a sounding board to vent frustrations and share inspirations can be invaluable to successfully navigating a slump. When you are ready to shake up your life, or at least figure out why you feel blasé, it might time to turn to a lifestyle design coach.

Three ingredients of lifestyle design are time, income, and mobility.

By clarifying your awareness through the practice of mindfulness meditation, you gain freedom to make better choices.

In this awakening, you identify your unique talents and gifts, explore how you can pursue your passion and make a healthy income, working smarter not harder – all from a spiritual perspective.

In as little as one session they can help you redirect your life, find your passionate pursuits, breathe new life into your relationship, raise energy levels, and feel better about your life. A lifestyle coach is a great tool for getting the help you need and getting on with your life.

Remember, once you’ve found a path out of your rut, stick to it. Your personal coach can help you put a plan into place that has concrete action steps for getting out of the slump. Follow them! It takes time, so be compassionate with yourself as you make changes; shifting our thinking can be difficult, so indulge yourself and be proud of what you are doing.

Before you know it, you will experience the transformation you crave.


The question you should be asking isn’t, “What do I want?” or “What are my goals?” but “What would excite me?”

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