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Ken LaDeroute

Ken LaDeroute is a certified professional mindset coach, meditation teacher, former pro musician and founder of Clarity Mind Institute. Ken helps stressed-out creative entrepreneurs overcome overthinking and reset their mindset to a calm, clear, and focused mindset so they can make better decisions, do their best work, optimize emotional management, and live a simplified life without continually running past the finish line.

186 articles published

Shanti Lyric

Music and Lyrics By Ken LaDéroute I am the sun I am the sea I feel the world Inside of me Everlasting Never ending All around Inside outside And rejoicing Within the sound I am in you You are in me I am awake I am complete I am boundless And forever On and on Inside outside And rejoicing Within the sound Oh Oh Shanti Oh Oh Oh Oh Shanti Can you hear the sound? It's all around me Overflowing And…

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