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Clarity Mind Revolution

wisdomThere’s a revolution going on.

Amy and I just got home from a 4 day Conscious Growth Workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is somewhat of an incongruous place for conscious growth, but conscious growth can be realized no matter where you are. It was an intense period discovering one’s alignment with respect to Truth, Love and Power.

This year has been the most transformative year of my life. I’m close to graduating from the International Coaching Academy and finishing up my research paper entitled, “Consciousness in Coaching.”

I’ve been ruminating for quite some time on exactly what I do and how I do it. After thirty some years spent in self-observation and mindfulness meditation, I’ve arrived at answering that question.

Turns, out I’m a teacher, coach and songwriter. I am especially passionate about clearing awareness. I want to add value to people’s lives through words and music to help quicken our current evolution toward a more conscious society. Specifically, I help conscious growth seekers awaken to clarity of mind, or to a Clarity Mind State.

What is a Clarity Mind State?

The Clarity Mind State is free from intellectually having to know. It resides completely and unequivocally in the present moment. Your life flows from moment to moment effortlessly and easily. You are open and allow the Universe to freely express itself through you free from the burden of limiting beliefs and sub-conscious tendencies.

In the Clarity Mind State, you tap into an infinite part of yourself that simply knows what to do in each moment, without fear, anxiety or analysis. You are able to look at all the various potential choices happening in each moment all around you, consider them all, and know exactly how to respond.

You arrive at the Clarity Mind State not intellectually but by embodying or being that state. You are a lover of ‘what is.’

Clarity Mind Coaching

As a Clarity Mind Coach, I bring higher perspectives toward achieving faster and greater measures of success and happiness in a client’s life. In addition, compassionate and ego-less coaching contributes to clarifying awareness and a reduction of suffering in a client’s life.

With the help of Eckhart Tolle’s design group, we will soon be releasing to the world the Clarity Mind web site, Clarity Mind Coaching, Clarity Mind Music and the Clarity Mind Institute. It will offer mindfulness meditation resources, music and conscious coaching services to help clarify and expand awareness. will continue to be a valuable tool to help further our intentions toward conscious growth.

Clarity Mind Workshops

I will be holding workshops that will allow for deeper understanding with respect to living ideal and successful spiritual and action-oriented lives. The interactive workshops will include affirmation music, live coaching sessions, mindfulness meditation and Amy’s lighthearted and funny approach to help integrate your experience.

Clarity Mind Meditations

I will also be hosting guided live online mindfulness meditation sessions to help you imbue yourself with a regular and deeper practice of mindfulness meditation.

If you have ideas or would like to participate in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I love the quote by Goethe “Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Getting CLEAR on what you truly want in your life is the MOST important step in getting there! Clarity Mind can help.

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