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Be Kind To Your Mind – Your Head Might Explode!

head explodeI used to think way too much. I would continually ask myself questions over and over again and ponder deeply in a confused miasma of circular thinking. I was addicted to it. My wife would tease me, “Be careful — your head might explode!”

The mind is designed to generate thought, but sometimes we get into mental ruts of endless constant analysis where you never solve anything or reach a point of completion.

Mind Your Head

I’ve found that the more you observe your mind — the more it tends to quiet down.

At first, you want to try and control it, but you can’t make the mind shut up. At a certain point, something shifts, and you realize you don’t have to be in control.

All that mind stuff was just an attempt to control what can’t be controlled.

Go ahead, relax – things take care of themselves quite nicely on their own.

Pendulum Power

Watch a pendulum swing from right to left. Can you see the inherent power at the center point of each swing?

Inside the stillness of the mind is the source of thought. This is consciousness itself. It’s what the universe is made of.

Like the pendulum, the infinite power of the mind rests in the stillness or gap between each thought.

This power disengages itself when we think too much.

And the juicy mind-blowing fun-filled fact of the day is that consciousness is aware of itself!

What Kind of Energy Does a Thought Create?

I know, I said I was thinking less, but lately I’ve been thinking about the subtle energy around each thought I think. I’ve noticed that the actual content of the thought isn’t as important as the energy that’s contained around the thought.

Imagine how thought energies from let’s say, a Robin Williams differ from Rush Limbaugh’s thought energies? I wonder how it manifests in their bodies.

Our cells constantly observe our thoughts and are being changed by them.

We actually change our biology through our subtle thought energies, feelings, and intentions.

Sub Mind Effect

Neuroscience has established that 95% of our behavior is under the control of the subconscious mind.

So, most of us walk around on autopilot.

Our fate is actually controlled by the underlying programming and conditioned tendencies from our families, society and culture.

It’s nothing about what we want to do and everything about what we’ve been conditioned to do, believe, feel, doubt, judge, and decide.

Stop Banging Your Head Against the Wall

Learning to meditate was the most transforming thing I’ve ever done in my life. I never dreamed how simply quieting the mind would have such a profound impact on my life.

You begin to recognize what can be changed and what can’t be changed. With this awareness, you make better choices. You stop banging your head against the wall.

Bonus: When you get all that turbulent mind stuff out of the way – you can evaluate infinite number of variables and figure out the most resourceful thing to do in each moment.

A World Waking Up

In my coaching work, I help clients wake up to new perspectives about themselves and their worlds.

They see new vistas and become open to higher and subtler levels of transformation.

They become aware of the possibility of a beautiful and inspired life, one with more meaning and purpose.

When you see the subtle origins of what’s going on in your mind, you begin to appreciate not just the subtly of yourself but also of the infinite creativity that lives within.

It whispers to you daily. Are you listening?

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