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Boost Your Creativity with Whole Brain Thinking and Mindfulness

Today, I want to dive into a fascinating topic: how mindfulness and meditation can boost your creativity. It’s something I’ve experienced firsthand, and I believe it can help you too.

What is Creativity?

Let’s start with a simple question: what is creativity? Steve Jobs once said that creativity is about connecting different ideas to create something new. It’s like mixing peanut butter and chocolate to make Reese’s peanut butter cups—a delicious blend of two separate things.

Creativity is a remarkable human ability. We all have it. Every day, we think new thoughts, make decisions, and solve problems. That’s creativity in action!

My Journey with Creativity

When I was younger, I traveled as a musician. I wrote songs, recorded them, and worked as an audio engineer. This experience taught me a lot about the balance between technical skills and creative inspiration.

Think of the classic yin-yang symbol. The yin represents intuition and creativity, while the yang represents logic and analysis. Our brains work in a similar way, with the right hemisphere being more creative and the left hemisphere being more analytical.

How Mindfulness and Meditation Help

In the recording studio, I often switched between the analytical tasks (like fixing technical issues) and the creative tasks (like writing lyrics). It was challenging at first, but I discovered that mindfulness and meditation could help.

Meditation teaches mental focus and calm, essential tools for fostering what I call “fluidic thinking”—the ability to switch smoothly between analytical and creative thinking. This balance allows us to use both sides of our brain effectively, leading to more holistic, or whole-brain, thinking.

Practical Tips

Here are some takeaways on how mindfulness and meditation can boost your creativity:

1: Calm Focus: Meditation helps you achieve a state of calm focus. This makes it easier to dive deeply into your creative work without distractions.

2: Fluidic Thinking: With practice, you can move effortlessly between logical analysis and creative intuition. This fluidity is key to solving problems and generating new ideas.

3: Balanced Brain: Mindfulness promotes a balanced brain approach. By harmonizing both hemispheres, you engage in holistic thinking, which is crucial for creative endeavors.

A Song to Inspire You

I’d like to share a song from my album, Soul Affirmation. The track “It Comes From Me” blends technical and creative elements. As you listen, try to notice both aspects.

Lyrics: It Comes From Me by Ken LaDeroute

Within the center of my heart I know I’m peace.
I thank and love the world for every day I breathe.
I’m willing to let it flow and let expectations go.
That’s when I really know it comes from me.

It Comes From Me

Each day I feel more worthy of what life can bring.
I know that I create abundance and good things.
I trust in my heart to say this is the highest way.
It’s never far away.
It comes from me.

It Comes From Me

Remember, we all have the capacity for creativity. By practicing mindfulness and meditation, we can harness this power to create amazing things for ourselves and the world.

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