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Boosting Your Wealth

attractingwealthSome might think it unfathomable to be considering ways to become wealthy in the midst of a recession, but there is never a bad time to try to leverage your talents and resources in an effort to boost your net worth.

Even in the face of market volatility, and even if you don’t foresee a salary increase in the next few years, there are some things you can do to build upon your wealth, most of which start with simply changing your way of thinking.

First and foremost, try and think of your wealth as the sum total of your decisions to date. Think about that long and hard. No one but you is responsible for your wealth – or lack thereof.

Where you find yourself today is the total of your efforts and decisions since you were equipped with the brainpower to execute such things. Get excited and make some new decisions today.

Decide to build up a massive desire for that which you want most for your life. Your desire for happiness will bring you happiness, just as your desire for wealth will bring you wealth.

Once your mind is made up, the desire will translate into a tremendous amount of extra energy and brainpower, which will be needed to accomplish your desired outcome.

It may help to narrow your focus and simplify your strategies by breaking your ultimate goal down into a number of smaller goals. Map out a path to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Maintain your focus, and make a conscious decision to dominate anything that best exploits your skills and talents. You might find that it helps to study the decision-making processes of your mentors, and other folks you admire for their success. Find out why they make their decisions the way they do.

Finally, remember that indecision can breed failure. Welcome to Earth, where you are doomed to make choices.

Take time to get centered – discover the stillness and truth of your own fabulous being. Look inward deeply. Be ruthlessly honest. Clear away limiting ideas about yourself and your world. When you do, you’ll gain freedom to make better choices.

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