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Unlock the Heart: Release Fear and Gain Spiritual Insight

simplicityLately, I’ve been meditating on the heart center. As a result I’ve enjoyed new experiences and realizations.

Since the heart is at the center of our being, and many people protect and keep the heart constrained, it is important to be aware of the necessity for its opening and purification.

Releasing and clearing negative emotions like fear and anger quickens our spiritual evolution and relieves stress.

As we grow into the mindfulness meditation, we learn to keep our hearts open and relaxed, and we are more able to respond to spirit’s inner longing for our highest good.

How To Practice Meditation on the Heart

Fully present and alert, and keeping the back straight, sit comfortably either on a cushion or chair and allow your hands to fall wherever they may on your lap.

Choose a time when you are unhurried and rested. Morning is best, before breakfast, when your mind is clear and the body is refreshed.

Close your eyes, relax, and take a few deep breaths. Mentally scan your entire body from head to foot noticing any tension or tightness, and with each new breath, visualize all tension melting away. Settle down, and allow the mind and heart to be free of memories, thoughts or emotions. See yourself whole and complete.

Put your attention on the middle of your chest. Your spiritual heart center lies directly behind the breastbone. Don’t focus on the heart beat or the sound of your heart as it pumps blood. Just be aware of your heart as space; weightless and free of worry.

Imagine the doors of your heart wide open; like open wings — ready to fly. Visualize the warm glow of a subtle light that may appear as a white, gold, blue, pink or violet color in the heart. Let the color that feels right be the color you choose.

With every new breath, breathe coolness into the chest. Feel the silence pervade your being. Let your attention rest on the heart center, and ask it to speak to you. Allow the question to be in the form of a subtle intention rather than an order. Without judgment, ask that your heart express itself. For the next fifteen to twenty minutes, sit quietly and listen.

Ultimate Healing: Unlock Your Heart

the red doorOld memories and dreams may bubble to the surface of the mind. Do not be disturbed if you experience strong emotion, unconscious tendencies, conditioned responses, intense desire or longing.

Allow these repressed feelings to be released and healed. Notice the breath. Is it smooth or rough, measured or hurried? If you experience erratic breathing, just flow with the breath.

If the mind wanders, bring your attention back to your heart center. If the heart speaks to you in sadness or fear, happiness or pain, acknowledge these feelings, and set them free as you would a captive bird.

When you listen to the heart you are learning to heed its spiritual directives.

Quicken Your Spiritual Growth

Putting attention on the heart can be a valuable addition to your spiritual program. As you grow with this practice, it will become easier for you to go to your heart for answers or decision making.

Your heart may not speak to you in words but answers will come as flashes of profound spiritual insight and understanding. Above all, attention on the heart can reveal a quiet assurance and peace and an overwhelming feeling that you are loved.

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