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Who Do You Think You Are?

shift in seeingThe other day I experienced an “Ah Ha” moment that made me see my reality differently than I normally see it.

Someone asked me, “What are you afraid of?” I stopped in my tracks. Being homeless and living under a bridge ranked high up there.

But as I thought deeper, and after writing my fears down in my journal, I realized that I was afraid of success.

All I could think about was the future. What if I became so successful that I didn’t have time to meditate, write music or play the guitar? Am I ready for the rigors of speaking engagements, workshops and travel?

With awareness, I began to see that this fear was blocking my progress, and I was looking at my life through the lens of this limiting belief.

What’s Holding You Back?

Beliefs are merely repeated thoughts about how you see yourself and the world around you. We protect our beliefs and hold them close to us until they become hardened and crystallized.

But they can prevent us from living the life we see for ourselves.

I was surprised to find limiting beliefs lodged in my psyche. After all, I had been a meditator for many years and I thought I had cleaned out all that old rubbish.

What Do You Do Best?

As I thought deeper, I asked myself the question, “Why do I show up the world?” It became apparent that I am here to serve. This is who I think I am. And in order to efficiently serve, I must remain focused on what I do best.

I seek to help others uncover their Divinity aspect. When we are aligned with our truth, we live on purpose. And living on purpose propels our collective evolution.

Think Different

Research has shown that we think 80,000 thoughts a day! 79,000 of them are the same thoughts we had yesterday. How can we create new realities with the same old thinking?

I have created a new belief – the encouraging belief that I can easily overcome and release all limiting beliefs and move forward in the life I see for myself.

You can too.

The first step is awareness. If you catch yourself thinking thoughts that no longer serve you, all you need is to do is wake up to the reality that it’s time for some new thinking.

Are you worth it?

If you’re having trouble moving past old ways of thinking, hire a coach. A coach can offer objectivity and support you through your self-discovery. A coach can help you define who you think you are. A coach can help you discover your Divinity aspect.

I realize that if I focus on what I do best, I’ll have plenty of time to do all things I enjoy. And in that process, I’ll make a valuable contribution to the world.

I remind myself that I am in essence joy. After all, we were created in joy. Across all cultures of the world, we laugh, dance and sing.

So as long as every moment is spent in the awareness of joy, my future will take care of itself.

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