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The Evolution of Knowing

Pure knowingness exists for all to realize. Knowing is the light of Self reflected onto the mind. Seeing beyond the mind means getting in touch with Self. All is possible when Self becomes predominant. Awareness of Being reflects in all action, thought process and feeling. We truly know, “I am That”.

When life is a reflection of Pure Knowingness, all that emanates from this awareness is joy. Mind and ego are not irrelevant, but less dominant. Desire to become no longer exists, and this understanding reveals that you are already That, whole and complete. Identity falls away.

Introducing intention upon the mind brings forth manifestation, and this gift is available to all. Removal of mental modification and confusion bring wisdom. Desire for achieving balance becomes unnecessary. Feeling becomes the fire that ignites action.

Lightness of Being

butterfly2Lightness of being is the dominant quality. Lightness and joy become your daily awareness. All that remains is order, acceptance and simplicity.

Enlightenment begins right where you are right now. The body knows. When all is perceived through and by the Self, nothing is unknowable. Being is why we are here. To be here means to be fully in the body. Why not be here more fully?
Mind Matters

The mind is forever modifying and fragmenting perception. It splits and modifies, and creates confusion. When the non-linear conditioned mind becomes confused by emotion, it becomes irrational. Sense becomes its guide. Desire is the fuel that ignites the mind’s redemption. Meditation is the antidote.

When the mind adopts a linear compulsion, it values order, method and structure. This vanity hardens into dogma and into an endless variety of strategies, schemes and ideologies, that threaten to overtake our hearts and souls. It turns in on itself, and we begin to falsely believe that we are the mind. It judges, and comes from lack. This arrogance, leads only to more circular thinking, and we base our valuable life intentions on false ego-driven desire. Suffering ensues.

Letting Go

Allowing and trusting, releases the mind of its need to control and protect. Paying attention and being the silent witness, awakens us to who we truly are. Being honest with ourselves, and looking deep within, purifies our perception. Silence washes and soothes our emotions, clears awareness and brings harmony to the body.

Know Thyself

The greatest evolution is to begin to see that we are already whole and complete. We are already enlightened. We are not the mind, nor are we the body. When we come to this understanding, and know our True Self, joy is all that remains.

I write affirmation music. What we think affects our reality. Meditate more. Be here more fully. And change our world, one unit of consciousness at a time.

All Blessings

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