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Bee Happy: Go For the Gold

bee happyAs a coach, I’m in the business of helping people find solutions to their lives.

I’ve found that it’s not uncommon for clients to know what they don’t want but few know what they do want.

They tell me how unhappy they are in their current jobs or lives but they are unwilling to invest the necessary time to write about their passions, meditate or reflect on exactly what will bring them the fulfilling life they desire.

They prefer to go about their daily lives on autopilot, thinking the same old thoughts, and living unhappy lives.

Go For the Gold: Learn To Meditate

I have found that the practice of mindfulness meditation has been instrumental in helping clear away non-essential mind chatter and old conditioned beliefs from my interior mental landscape.

When I get rid of the mind rubbish, I gain valuable flashes of insight into the feelings I want to feel and the vision I have for my ideal life.

It’s like standing at the center of the cyclone, when the world is going crazy all around you, you stand at the center, in peace. From this unruffled vantage point, it’s easier to gain perspective.

Mind: Servant or Master?

Like a bee flying from flower to flower, the mind is always buzzing in different directions. It also has its routines, patterns and opinions and its preferred ways of thinking.

Learning to bring the mind to a one-pointed focus brings clarity to your inner world. And with practice, you bring great focus into everything you do.

By watching your thoughts as they land on the runway of your mind, you can see with increased awareness the kinds of thoughts that create and direct your life.

To Get the Nectar, Go Deep

Before mindfulness meditation, set an intention. “I intend to quiet my mind, to be intensely present, to experience wholeness, and to gain insight into my life.”

Turn off the radio, computer and TV. Find a quiet place and comfortably sit with your spine erect. Let go of everything you know about the world and yourself. Scan the body for tension and breathe it away.

Be the silent witness; observe what is going on in your mind. At first, focus on the breath or mantra (word or phrase) and allow this one-pointed focus to replace the stream of thought. Resist fighting or trying to force your thoughts away.

Simply observe them and watch them fly away — like a bird in the sky. Or, imagine them drifting away like floating leaves on a river. After a while, you can let go of the mantra or breath-focus and simply enjoy deep inner silence.

Sit for as long as you like. In conclusion, be thankful.

A Taste of Honey

I have come to understand that I am not the mind. I can choose the thoughts I think and I can make conscious decisions that shape my future and life. I have become the master of my mind and in turn, my life.

We are the creative force of our lives, and through our conscious decisions rather than our conditions, we can truly live the best life we can imagine for ourselves.

If you let the bee of your mind fly wherever it wants to, are you denying yourself the opportunity of intentionally creating the ridiculously happy life you desire?

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