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How Do You Un-Enlighten Your Mind? Tips for Less Mind and More Being

destiny dnaI think we think too much.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the mind is an amazing tool to help us live and survive in this world, but sometimes it feels like my incredible thinking machine has a life of its own!

When I start thinking, thoughts seem to morph from one thought to another. “I need to mow the lawn” and suddenly the color green flashes before me.

Now I’m thinking of “money” which leads to thoughts of retirement. Then I think, “who will care for me?” transforms to, “I wonder what it will be like to die alone?”

As I continue to contemplate the mind and its effects on who I am, I notice that many of its functions seem to be more deleterious than actually helpful to my overall wellbeing.

I’ve observed that my compulsive thinking habits certainly keep me out of the present moment. When my mind is racing from idea to idea and past to future how can I partake in a conscious state of allowing each moment to be just as it is?

How Do I Un-Enlighten My Mind?

Since we are already enlightened, and all we have to do is wake up to it, I ask myself the question, “How do I un-enlighten my mind?”

Holding on to old beliefs or fixed opinions un-enlightens my mind. These hardened thought forms keep our minds closed and unreceptive to new ways of thinking.

So when you hear yourself uttering a fixed opinion, stop. Remind yourself: “Energy flows where attention goes.” You can’t afford the luxury of a closed mind.

Mind: Friend or Foe?

Since our thoughts shape our future, being mindful of the conversations we have with ourselves can help us discover our purpose; and more importantly – who we are.

In my work as a coach, I help clients envision and target your ideal life.

Going for your best life requires that you let go of unconscious mind stuff that may be sabotaging your success. After all, why waste valuable energy and attention on thoughts that don’t serve you?

Are old ways of thinking preventing you from achieving the success in the life you see for yourself? Maybe it’s time for some new thinking.

New Mind: New Life

If you are in a constant state of struggle with yourself and unable to be fully present for more than a few moments, perhaps you are compulsively addicted to self-seeking habitual thought patterns.

Since struggling is how the small self maintains its existence, you may be reluctant to stop struggling for fear of losing the old definition of who you think you are.

At first, it’s a bit disconcerting to be boundless, but when you cease to identify with the limited self, a deeper dimension suddenly reveals itself to you and you begin to see the futility of resistance.

When you no longer seek yourself in the past and future, you are more able to embrace and accept each moment just as it is.

Let It Be

I love the song, “Let it Be” by the Beatles.

Without the boundaries of the mind, allow and accept each moment just as it is. Rather than limit yourself to the small self – why not embrace the wholeness and all-inclusiveness of life.

Do you have the courage to allow the enormous power of life to flow through you?

Whispering words of wisdom, let it be.

Less Mind On Purpose

So this morning I woke up thinking, “What would it be like to spend a whole day thinking less?”

In my mindfulness meditation, I let go of all beliefs about myself and the world around me. I went a step further and let go of doubt, fear and worry.

After asking myself what was left, I let go of blame, addictions, judgments, view points and memories. I also let go of any future thoughts like planning, career or fun.

As I continued to observe what was left on the playing field of my mind, I realized that what remained was quite nice. A simple joy came over me. I felt light and unburdened. I was actually enjoying peace of mind.

This practice made me aware of the enormous power of the mind and how we identify with it.

Less Mind: More Being

In the simplicity of each moment you discover that you are free. There is a sense that all is well and that’s where love lives.

You are not bounded or restricted by your limited mind. You widen your circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and all of nature in its wholeness.

You let go of everything your mind has created and you awaken to who you truly are.

“The important thing is not to think much but to love much; do, then, whatever most arouses you to love.” ~ St. Teresa of Avila

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