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Access Unlimited Creativity: Tune Into The Gap Between Two Thoughts

WARNING! This article may raise your consciousness.

There is a new term in the computing world called,”Cloud Computing.” It refers to the use and access to a network of computers that make up something called, “The Cloud.”

Users access this network of servers via their computer terminal or phone and a software application provided and managed by the Cloud. All processing and storage is maintained by the Cloud’s servers.

Similarly, our minds are like software terminals that connect us to the Cloud of Consciousness.

The portal to this vast repository of unlimited creativity and knowledge and truth can be accessed by all humans – it is our birthright. It can be accessed anywhere and at any time, the entrance price is free and it can be accessed in an instant.

STOP In this moment, clear you mind. Notice the emptiness in the stillness between two thoughts. You have just plugged into the Cloud of Consciousness.

In the absence of thought, the Cloud is there for you to dip into and drink from.

Signal Strength: Excellent

I remember the days when I first logged on to the Internet. I remember thinking, “Wow, I have instant access to anything and everything I want to know about!” I remember how powerful that felt.

This is the same feeling I get when I access the Cloud of Consciousness, but triple-fold. My mind becomes the ultimate search engine where I simply access the Cloud and ask it a question.

The quality of the answer is dependent of course upon the degree to which I am surrendered, receptive and open.

In order to maintain a solid connection all I have to do is be surrendered, live in present-moment awareness and maintain a regular practice of mindfulness meditation.

Gateway to the Cloud

Do you have a broadband connection to the Cloud, or are you operating at dial-up speed? Is your mind-field so noisy that your connection keeps breaking up? Or worse, have you temporarily lost access to the network?

The Cloud lies outside all duality, beyond right and wrong – beyond pleasure and pain. Fear prevents admission to the Cloud, as does constant seeking for the self.

You cannot force your way into the Cloud. Access to the Cloud requires complete effortlessness. The more surrendered you are, the greater access you have. Children have direct and easy access because they have fewer constraints or self-serving motives.

Body Intelligence

Each cell in the body is inherently intelligent. Having a strong connection to the Cloud of Consciousnesses activates and aligns the inherent intelligence of the body. The mind thinks with the body.

Decisions are made from an effortless, intuitive process rather than a linear, strategic, dogmatic approach. Your mind, feeling and spirit work together in order to create an electro-magnet field for a purpose-driven life.

Tuning into the Cloud

Maybe you haven’t even asked yourself the question, “What am I meant to do here?” Or, “What is my life’s purpose?”

If you are in tune with the infinite creativity of the Cloud, answers come quickly and easily.

When you awaken to the understanding that there is nothing that prevents you from the Cloud, your life can change dramatically!

Ask The Cloud

Create some quiet time and space, go to the gap between thoughts and access the Cloud. Let it know that you want its practical help with the question or issue at hand. Tell it that you want the answers to come quickly, smoothly and easily.

Activate the Cloud

I am intensely creative. I have continually made a great living by following my passions and doing what I love. I’ve created time and resources so that I could live with inspiration in order to do my art.

When I tune into the gap between two thoughts, I am able to access my unlimited creativity to find solutions to my problems. I’ve gained valuable self-knowledge, courage, business acumen, self-esteem, self-worth and expanded awareness — all by accessing the Cloud.

And you can too.

Here are a few questions I’ve asked the Cloud along the way:

  • What am I meant to do with my time on earth?
  • How can I add more value to the world?
  • How can I better value myself?
  • I am a creative, how can I creatively come to new perspectives on how to make money from my talents and work?
  • How can I get the recognition I crave from the work or talents I bring to the world?
  • How can I create an ideal environment in which to express my talents and gifts?

And a few more…

  • How can I can get in touch with my feelings?
  • How can I stay motivated and inspired?
  • How can I move past these feelings of being stuck and overwhelmed?
  • How can I be more courageous and make better decisions?
  • Who do I need to attract that will help me become more successful using my gifts and talents?
  • Who are the people that understand my problems and how can I get them to help me?

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Some Help

If you are like a rudderless boat being tossed around the ocean without direction or purpose — contact me.

I’ve navigated the waters. I help authors, writers, musicians and artists find and monetize their calling. Together, we find pragmatic solutions for your idealistic and creative mind.

Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

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