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How To Let Go of Negative Emotions: Just Drop It

How are you feeling today? Give me a number. On a scale of 1 to 10, how are you feeling? I’m about a 9.5!

Emotions are “energy in motion.” When you are emotional, you are energetic either in a positive or negative way. I’ve been thinking a lot about emotions lately and how they affect my energy level. The more I go into my emotions, the more I realize they are not who I am.

Everyone experiences sadness, disappointment, and anger, along with other negative emotions. The trick is to acknowledge these emotions in ourselves and dismiss them. After all, we are not our emotions.

There are a number of ways that you can do this, and what works for you may vary from emotion to emotion and moment to moment.

For some, talking to your fears is a good way to open dialogue within yourself to figure out what is really bothering you. Sometimes, just acknowledging the fear is a good way to reduce its power.

Other people have great success with visualizing the emotion or situation that is bothering them, and then surrounding it with love, allowing it to transform into something positive.

If you do this and it helps, but the emotion is still present, do it again.

The key in all of this is to be judgment-free and aware that the initial emotion or issue that arises may not be the real issue at hand, but a symptom of something deeper that is ready to be healed.

Emotional Release Exercise

How does holding on to a grudge or clinging to old negative emotions affect the health of your body? Or, how does habitual negative internal dialogue or the things you say to yourself affect your well-being?

If you’re angry and you’re holding on to it, you are suppressing your immune system. And that’s not good for your health!

We identify with our emotions. We say, “I am sad” or, “I am angry.” But you are not that
emotion. What you’re feeling is simply a reaction to the thoughts that you’re thinking.

Here’s a very simple exercise to help you feel and identify your emotions, and then see how you can easily let them go.

Pick up a pen or paper clip, or any object near you, and tightly grasp it in your hand. Feel the tension as you clench and tighten your grip around the object.

In this moment just welcome how your feeling.

Imagine that the object in your hand represents a particular emotion. It might be fear, frustrations, your beliefs, the stories you tell yourself, or anything that appears to be holding you back.

If you held this object long enough, you would begin to feel uncomfortable and it would take an enormous amount of energy to maintain a firm grip around the object.

Does this feel familiar to you? This is what we do with our emotions. Most of the time we don’t even realize that we’re doing it!

Just Drop It!

But we have a choice. Because your emotions are not attached to you, you can always choose to let it go.

Now, turn your hand upside down and let go of the object. You can let it go in an instant, if you choose to. It’s that easy!

As I learn to dis-identify with my emotions, I notice something remarkable. I have more room for awareness. I have more energy for creativity, imagination and intuition. I have more space for presence.

Your thoughts and emotions are critical. Your thoughts or words do become matter and can affect your physiology in a negative or positive way.

As you clear away non-essential thoughts and emotions, limiting beliefs, strong opinions or hardened positions, re-presentations, or projections of what you want or expect, you will be free to see the miracle of the present moment. Or, what I call, the Clarity Mind State.

I prefer to produce emotions that harmonize and bring the body back to health, energy and vitality. These high consciousness emotions are peace, harmony and love.

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