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Get Your Binaural Beats For Meditation Audio

Meditation is a medicine. It affects your brain and every cell in your body. It washes you clean of unconscious programming. It is long-lasting and spills over into every aspect of your life.
Here are just some of the benefits you will experience from a regular practice of mindfulness meditation:
  • Reduce stress, sleep better, improve immune system function, lower cortisol rates, lower blood pressure, gain clarity, brain coherence and improve mental focus
  • Gain a better understanding and control over your conscious and unconscious mind
  • Awaken to your authentic self, passion and purpose
  • Eliminate fear
  • Discover and renew your relationship with yourself and others
  • Become more accepting of everything just the way it is thereby reducing suffering and increasing happiness
  • Embody inner peace so the it spills out into your daily life
  • Be more mindful – enjoy the only moment now, just as it is.

Meditation is the art of inner listening. When you practice mindfulness meditation, it will take you to a deeper level of self-awareness and you will begin to understand that your existence isn’t dependent, defined or determined by your thought stream. This is the essence of presence or being in the only moment now.

The “All Is Well Binaural Beats for Meditation Brain Entrainment Audio” will take you from a Beta state, through Alpha and into a deep Theta mindfulness meditation which will increase your ability to focus and is ideal for learning and personal development. Along with an embedded binaural beat, I’ve composed an original music score that includes ocean, rain and bird sounds, all designed to calm and relax you like nothing else can. And it will quickly ramp you down into a deep Theta mindfulness meditation state in no time. Try using it before bed, on the plane or after a stressful day. You should begin noticing the effects of binaural beats after just a few uses. neuralsyncUSE HEADPHONES FOR BEST RESULTS! Check out this video to experience the power of binaural beats for mindfulness meditation, and tell us what you think below. You can get your complimentary download here.

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