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Power Positive Songwriting

violinSongwriters are special people. They boil down complex ideas, feelings, and lyric into short, powerful, audio-energy packets of wisdom.

Songwriters deal with abstract sound energy, melody, and language. They are at the doorway of refinement and enlightenment.

That’s why so many musicians begin to seek out spirituality, mindfulness meditation and truth. Therefore, songwriters have a great responsibility toward humanity.

Look Within

First, it is our mandate to understand who we really are. Look within. At our innermost center of our Being, we are an individualized unit of pure consciousness, and joy is our predominant characteristic.

Lead with Heart

To make our world better, we have to start with our hearts. For too long, our minds have dominated our existence. Cunning, strategy, and “what’s in it for me” mindsets are destroying our world. We’re all in this together, so we must find a way to share our abundance.

We can never go wrong if we let our hearts led the way. When you are writing a new song, be aware of your body. How does your creation make you feel? Is it inspiring? Does the song vibrate at a high frequency or resonance?

Songwriters have always expressed their hearts so eloquently. They are uniquely in touch with inspiration, creativity, imagination and intuition. Songwriters are the vehicles to bring awareness of the heart to all.

Soul Food

Look at music as food or nutrition. What kind of food do you want to serve? If we create lifeless, negative, low-vibration, hopeless and desperate sound energy, this will only serve to create more of the same.

Use your personal power to redefine music, and use the incredible power of music for your highest good and the good of All That Is. Our world needs understanding, and healing, and words and music are the perfect tools to create better outcomes, inspire, and enlighten.

Ken and Amy LaDéroute are world/conscious musicians. They have toured extensively throughout Canada and the US bringing greater awareness and understanding of our Higher Selves through the use of mindfulness meditation, music, writing, and community.

They have just completed their long-awaited new release called “Soul Affirmation” – Music for Better Outcomes. LaDéroute uses music and affirmations to create a new genre of music called affirmation music. “Soul Affirmation” is a groundbreaking record designed to create better outcomes for a new conscious society.

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