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5 Warning Signs That Your Limiting Beliefs and Mindsets Are Sabotaging Your Success

5 Warning Signs That Your Limiting Beliefs and Mindsets Are Sabotaging Your Success

Okay, show of hands…

Who wonders why some people achieve enormous success and some don’t?

Why is it that most people who win the lottery lose all their money and happiness in five years?

Why is it that regardless of the ups and downs in the economy the ratio of wealthy people to poor people remain relatively the same?

Did you know that 99% of what goes on in your mind is unconscious? These behind-the-scenes beliefs and mindsets are responsible for most of your thoughts, feelings and behavior.

They are like wallpaper we see every day and soon don’t notice any more. They become “the writing on our walls.”

But it’s not your fault…

Between birth and 6 years your brainwaves were in Alpha and Theta states. These states are very receptive to new ideas and most of your underlying beliefs were programmed into your subconscious mind during those years.

A belief is something you consider to be true. The beliefs you form in childhood become the truths you live by and affect what you experience in life, including your level of success or failure in any endeavor.

Okay, I’ll ask the question again:

Why do some people achieve enormous success and some don’t?

We all have similar brains and minds, right? Your brain is your hardware – your mind is your software. If your software is corrupted or the code is bloated – maybe it’s time to re-format your hard drive and install new ways of thinking.

Successful people think differently than average people. Either their software was optimized at birth or they’ve worked hard to re-program their mind’s software through awareness, strengthening their strengths, self-discipline and learning.

Thoughts are things. Whatever you think about most will show up in your life. If you are unconsciously thinking about lack – guess what? Lack will keep showing up in your life!

How will you attract healthy and fulfilling relationships if you are unconsciously thinking that you’re unworthy or not good enough?

Until you clear and release those limiting beliefs and mindsets that prevent you from breaking through to the next level of success, no matter how hard you try – the success you desire will elude you.

If these beliefs are holding you back, doesn’t it make sense to shed them?

Your rarest and most valuable state is awareness, so the first step is becoming aware of those automatic limiting beliefs and mindsets you’ve grown to be so comfortable with.

  • Then you can make a decision to release them.

Let’s dig deeper – below your conscious mind and into your subconscious mind – and identify those beliefs and mindsets that might be sabotaging your success.

1- You’re Not Good Enough

This is the big kahuna of limiting beliefs. If these words make up your internal dialogue, you’re not alone.

Somewhere along the way, I bought into the idea that I wasn’t good enough, so I decided to that I would try and become perfect. Like a marathon runner that never reaches the finish line, I tirelessly worked for perfection.

Of course we all know that perfection is an illusion. Perfection is an escape that actually prevents you from moving forward because you lose sight of your objectives and waste valuable time attending to minor details.

When you finally release the self-imposed pressure of perfection, you have more energy to attend to the actionable steps that will quickly propel you toward the success you desire.

Feeling like you’re not good enough or unworthy is closely related to the fear that you won’t survive. It is most likely an early belief that your survival depended on someone else taking care of you.

I have broken free from that old script and realize that I am fully able to take care of myself – no matter what happens.

Since you are the only person who is responsible for your self-worth, you must continually remind yourself and truly believe that you are good enough. This new positive belief will allow you to let go of your endless quest for perfection.

  • I found my self-value, self-esteem and self-worth through a regular practice of mindfulness meditation.

Meditation allowed me to pare away many of the false ideas and unconscious beliefs I had about myself and identify the real power of my being and allowed me to be totally comfortable in my own skin.

Repeat after me, out loud and with full conviction.

I believe the following to be true and I see evidence of these statements around me all the time.

I am worthy. I am good enough. I am lovable.

2- You Don’t Value Yourself

Dig deep and think about your parent’s words and attitudes surrounding value. How did your parents value themselves and what did they teach you about how you value yourself?

Beliefs around value and money are closely related to the “I’m not worthy” mindset. If you can clear and release old patterns about how you value yourself – you’ll go a long way toward uncovering a rock-solid self-esteem and self-confidence beyond your wildest dreams.

Coming to terms with why you show up on the planet helps uncover you inner self-worth. When you truly match your talents and gifts with what the world needs now, you will find your intrinsic self worth.

When you understand your true value – you can feel secure in raising your prices. You can feel secure in knowing that you deserve to be paid what you’re worth.

Repeat after me, out loud and with full conviction.

I believe the following to be true and I see evidence of these statements around me all the time.

I am valuable. I am abundant. People love to give me money. I am already as valuable and worthwhile as anyone else.


3- You Can’t Afford It

What is this mindset telling you about yourself?

It’s saying, I’m fearful for my survival and I will protect my assets and property because I lack confidence in myself to recreate success again.

Feeling that you do not have the necessary resources like money, time, intelligence, training, credentials, creativity, help, friends and family to support you is: resistance to life.

This resistance to life is supported by your behind-the-scenes script that tells you that you don’t believe in your ability to create or attract abundance.

This is the story that affirms your unconscious fear of lack.

This is the story that attracts more lack.

Imagine this…

How would you feel if you were making $100,000.00 per month? Get into your body right now and imagine how you would feel? Write down the words. This is the feeling that attracts more abundance.

The next time your shadow pops up and tells you that you can’t afford it – remember this feeling.

Repeat after me, out loud and with full conviction.

I believe the following to be true and I see evidence of these statements around me all the time.

I can afford it. I am confident in my ability to create abundance. Life is naturally abundant. There is enough for everyone

4 – You’re Addicted To Struggle

Have you made an unconscious commitment to yourself that life should be a struggle?

Since we learn our worldview from our parents, if our parents taught us to think that life is a struggle and that money and success don’t come easily – this becomes the story we tell ourselves.

I know many artists who identify with this belief. They hold the mindset that it is necessary and noble to struggle and sacrifice for their art. Many have a chip on their shoulder believing they should be paid more for the value they create.

If society doesn’t support them, they feel devalued. This catch 22 perpetuates the “I’m not good enough” belief and leads them on a endless journey of seeking constant recognition to help bolster their low self-esteem.

If you are addicted to struggle you can see the results of your patterns simply be looking at the results in your life. If you find that at the end of the year, your income is the same as last year, you can be sure that you have a limiting belief towards struggle.

If you suspect you hold a struggle mindset, ask yourself this important question:

Who would I be in the world without my addiction to struggle?

Repeat after me, out loud and with full conviction.

I believe the following to be true and I see evidence of these statements around me all the time.

Life, when lived properly, is easy and happy. I am secure and safe.

5- You Might Succeed

If you are afraid of change, feeling stuck and frustrated, unable to take action or make decisions – you might be afraid of actualizing your true potential.

Maybe you are concerned that a successful life will limit your freedom or that you’ll have to live up to your success. It feels safe to hold on to old mindsets even though they unconsciously sabotage your success.

Once you let go of the idea that it’s okay to succeed, there’s no longer anything to hide behind – and that can be scary.

Some hold on the idea that failure is bad and this mindset prevents you from moving forward and you shy away from people and experiences that challenge you.

Transformation requires courage. Seeing that it’s okay to fail opens your mind for greater success.

Repeat after me, out loud and with full conviction.

I believe the following to be true and I see evidence of these statements around me all the time.

I welcome change and growth. I take action daily. I actualize my full potential. It’s okay to succeed.


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