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Being Simply

There is nothing more constant than change. If we simply paid attention to all the subtle nuances and changes going on inside and around us, how could we ever become bored or restless?

If we clear away unnecessary thoughts, desires and belief systems, a new reality appears. When we release and surrender our treasured opinions, perceptions and compulsive thinking, we begin to feel our body, taste our food, and see the beauty of the world with new perspective.

If we could just be, without so much mind content, we would begin to trust and surrender. Our karma and destiny would be more willing to flow through us without the complexities of mind, desire and ego, confusing our existence.

lightbulb1It takes a lot of energy to think. It serves us well for our survival, but it is a hindrance toward understanding our true spiritual nature.

Be the silent witness. Walk with intention. Feel the right and then the left foot more consciously. Watch how you eat. Listen to music more intently. Be aware of your body and how it relates to others. Be present. After all, this is where enlightenment begins.

This is a step toward understanding the underlying Divine Presence that is Existence itself. Your identity no longer matters, and you realize that you are a part of All That Is. Life begins to live you, rather than you living life.

I have a song on our new CD “Soul Affirmation” — Music for Better Outcomes, called “Simply Be.” The first lines are: “ I’m in this moment now, and this is all I have, I choose to be here now, aware of who I am.” Perhaps true service to humanity is the cumulative effect that one simple life can have on the whole. I pray more people begin to understand who they really are, what it means to be alive, and to “Simply Be.”

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