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Swim With The Dolphins

I gave a workshop called, “A Self-Reflective Guide to Finding Your Niche” for Creative Spiritual Entrepreneurs a few weeks ago.

It was very inspiring to be around conscious business owners and heart-based entrepreneurs. I love hanging with entrepreneurs who have a strong desire to transform the world through their coaching or mentoring, information programs, teaching techniques, speaking, products and services.

From my extensive business experience, I’ve learned to identify two types of entrepreneurs – sharks and dolphins.

I’ve had many relationships with sharks over the years and I’ve found from direct experience, if given the chance, they’ll bite your head off!

I’ve learned that it’s best to swim in different waters.

Swim With The Dolphins

Dolphins are much more fun to work with because they operate from a lighter, higher level of awareness. They understand the interdependent nature of the world and how everything goes together.

When it comes to finding solutions to tough problems, they use their natural creativity to come up with a win-win that’s fair for all parties involved.

They take a more relaxed and open approach to business and intuitively know that it all comes out in the wash.

They are grounded in the knowing that no matter what challenges they face, they have the creative ability to find solutions that are good for the whole. They seek to make a profit but they also seek to make a difference.

These dolphin entrepreneurs emphasize healing and compassion for a fresh, creative and conscious approach to help humanity get out of the mess we’re in.

Business as a Spiritual Path

It takes great courage, self-reliance, self-motivation and true grit to succeed in business. I believe business can be a great spiritual path and teacher.

I think conscious entrepreneurs have a responsibility to galvanize and reshape business for the better.

When it comes time to making business or marketing decisions, consider the impact it will have on others. If it doesn’t impact others in a positive way, take the time to come up with a newer, creative approach.

Ask yourself: “Is this in my best interest or is it in the best interest of all parties involved?” “Am I operating from my highest values and understandings?” If not, get a mentor to help you clarify your vision and goals for success.

What’s Inside?

“When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out – because that’s what’s inside. When you are squeezed, what comes out is what is inside.” ~Wayne Dyer

As an entrepreneur, if someone were to squeeze you – what would come out? Would it be goodwill and reconciliation, or selfish motivation?

There are only two basic emotions… love and fear. Both cannot exist at the same time. A shark’s basic emotion is fear. Anyone who uses control is just fearful and afraid.

Dolphin’s prefer to have fun and laugh at life. They know that everything works out for the best and rarely waste their precious life energy by sweating the small stuff.

They know that by giving others what they want – they’ll get what they want. That just makes good business.

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