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8 Steps to a Successful Online Business

I’ve found a unique and easy way to fill my coaching practice to the max – and I’ve done it in no time flat!

Before that happened, I had to get clear on a few items.

1- Know Thyself

Get to the heart of who you are and uncover your strengths, talents and unique genius. When you uncover what’s true on the inside – the outside will take care of itself. You can’t get any more real or truer than true. Meditate until you get clear on who you are.

I got really clear about what I wanted, how much money I’d make, what my top needs were, who were my clients and how I wanted to spend my valuable life energy. Then I made it manifest – I wrote it all down on paper and I read it everyday.

2 – Pay Attention to What Moves You

Get clear on what stirs your soul. What’s the topic? Don’t ask yourself, “What do I Want.” Ask, “What Excites me?” Spirituality and marketing make my socks go up and down. What can you stand behind and talk about all day long? What do you want to be known for? I want to be known as someone that helps creative spiritual entrepreneurs make a profit by making a difference in the world.

3 – Discover Who You Want to Help and What Your Clients Want

Finding my clients came easy when I used marketing language that communicated directly to my client’s needs. My language hit a nerve with my niche market. But first, I had to go deep within myself to answer those two questions. When I got clear on that – everything else fell into place.

4 – Keep Learning

When it comes to business – entrepreneurs are seeking new wisdom to help make their businesses easier and more profitable. I love to learn, so staying ahead of the curve through constant learning is essential. Keeping one step ahead of your client’s needs shows commitment to your business goals.

5 – Don’t Get Crazy – Systematize & Delegate

Always be on the lookout for ways to systematize. Pay attention to customer service. I hired a virtual assistant to schedule and invoice for me because not only do I do not like scheduling and invoicing – I’m bad at it. I used to do all my graphic design and web site maintenance because I love all things technical but I just don’t have time for it anymore. I’d rather be coaching or playing the guitar.

6 – Shoot First Then Aim

There’s a lot of knowledge floating around out there so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Go with your gut and just do it. Learn to trust yourself. Take ONE thing – whether it’s creating a program or product and don’t think about it – just create it. Try crafting the marketing message first, then SELL it. If you get a bunch of buyers – then create the program.

7 – Take Daily Action

Momentum is key. Do something for your business everyday. Imagine if you devoted merely one hour per day to marketing – imagine how visible your business would be in just one year?

I love the word GRIT. It takes true grit to be a creative spiritual entrepreneur. Your business takes watering, care and feeding and this requires ACTION. If contribution is your major need, like mine, think of all the people you’ll be helping – that’ll keep you motivated!

8 – Get Help

Stop spinning your wheels. Get the fast track to success. Find someone who did it and get their help. You already know who that person is because you feel a synchronicity with them. They speak your language and you sense they are living their truth. It’s hard to trump truth. Truth speaks louder than words.

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