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I Am, Therefore I Think

“The kingdom of God cometh not with observation; neither shall they say, Lo here! or, Lo there! For behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:20-21)

We are not the mind, nor are we the body. We are no thing. So who are we? If, as some sages purport, there is nowhere that God is not, are we deluded? Do our perceptions delude us? Can we trust our judgments, beliefs and opinions? We value our precious opinions because we have come to believe these hard-won positionalities as our own. We love and treasure them. We identify with them. They have become hardened, and crystallized within our mind fields and have turned into cherished belief systems. We’re drowning in a sea of opinion, and we’ve become dysfunctional.

Even as I write, I am enjoying my pontification. I am spewing forth my beloved opinion, ranting and raving, admiring my words and viewpoints. Perhaps all politicians, world leaders, teachers, spiritual seekers, and anyone who has a tendency to think too much, should stop, and notice the flowers. Feel each step with reverence. Eat more consciously. Feel their breath through their nostrils. Notice the gift of life and vitality inside the body. Be thankful more. Appreciate more.

david All things are in accordance with evolution. If we stop the incessant traffic in our minds and allow our bodies to feel, then perhaps we can accept, surrender and begin to enjoy our beautiful existence. The body does not lie. Our minds have evolved to such a state, that we can look interested, and with shining eyes, be so very pleasant. But meanwhile, our arms are crossed, and our feet are pointing towards the door. We are alive, and in our bodies. That is where God and enlightenment begin, within.

Politics leave me flat. So does religion. What right do we think we have, to think? Do we think our thoughts are unique? Let us go beyond the mind to a pure, more refined state, and experientially know that there is only one religion — love. As Rick Herrick so eloquently states, achieving common understanding, for the good of the whole, is the only ideal. We are all under one sky.

Our leaders presume that they can make decisions based on their limited, arrogant, conditioned mind states, but their minds cannot discern truth from falsehood! I think mindfulness meditation should be mandatory for all world leaders. Let them go within, and experience desire less, no mind content, allowing the primordial field of nothingness to pervade every cell of their beings, washing away their potential for corruption, abuse of power, misguided mental impressions, erroneous belief systems, and ego. Maybe then, we would benefit from real, clear, leadership, for our ever-increasingly complex interdependent planet.

At the sub atomic level, are we not mere energy? We are in essence, nothing, but localized, individualized, units of pure consciousness, speeding down our precious evolutionary pathway, toward ultimate reunion with our Creator. Pray that we enjoy the ride and regularly access the personal creator within. May we talk less, think less, feel more and enjoy more.

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