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Destiny DNA: Is Your Mind Getting in the Way?

peace dove

The other day my innovations coach asked me, “Out of all your varied interests, which bring you the most joy?” I had to stop and think. In fact I pondered on this for several weeks. I wrote extensively in my journal and I meditated about it.

Helping others grow, teaching mindfulness meditation, writing inspiring songs, and playing in a band bring me the most joy.

Getting clear about the things you love is the first step toward fulfillment. Spending time reflecting on what really makes you happy is the most important work you can do to get in touch with your Destiny DNA.

You already know your destiny – it resides in your cells. There is no need to seek; you just have to wake up to it.

I Know it by Heart

At first, when I learn a new song, I’m tied to the chart. But after repeated performances, I soon know it by heart. Knowing by heart is how to gain perfect mastery of your Destiny DNA.

Thinking is a marvelous tool, but overrated. Before long computers will do our thinking for us. The mind is our servant but often, we allow the mind to be the master.

Thinking without awareness is compulsive thinking. It keeps us out of the present moment.

It’s All About Awareness

Why fight against life’s current when you can surf the waves of your Destiny DNA.

To my knowledge, science has not yet discovered a center in the brain that corresponds to awareness. In mindfulness meditation you become aware of what mind is and what it is not.

Close your eyes and ask yourself the question, “What will I think of next”?

In this no-mind state – that is awareness.

Easy Answer Source: You

I love the Nike slogan, ‘Just Do It.’ I’ve been doing just that lately.

  • Taxes – Just Do It.
  • Exercise – Just Do It.
  • Get up early – Just Do It.

Another fine idea: First Thought – Best Thought

Over thinking leads to analysis paralysis, I prefer to let my inner compass guide me.

Without non-essential mental construct, life glides by effortlessly. In timeless awareness I am better able to access the infinite reservoir of inspiration, imagination and intuition.

The World Needs You to Be Happy

What keeps you up until late at night and excites you first thing every morning?

How can you design your life so that you’re doing more of the things that excite rather than drain you? Can you afford not to take the time to reflect upon and target your Destiny DNA?

I design my life so that I’m doing the things that excite me, rather than doing the things that drain me. I don’t let mind get in the way.

Being master of your mind and destiny is the greatest freedom to your best life. I need you to be happy. The world needs you to be happy. Happy people doing what they love help fulfill God’s evolutionary intention for nature.

If you’re looking to get in touch with your destiny – give me a call – that’s what I do.

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