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Presto! Microwave Manifesto

My wife wouldn’t let me have a microwave oven. We have been vegetarians for 25 years, and she detests the idea of re-ordering the molecules in our food.

Being the quintessential man, rather than make a stovetop lunch and deal with the prospect of dirty dishes and pans, I usually defer to a simple bowl of cereal. So, I recently longed for the quick hot pocket, or a piping hot veggie dog, lovingly nuked in a microwave oven. I could be back to work in a flash.

We jokingly talked about my desire for a microwave. She said I could have one, but I would have to keep it in the basement. I mused that my bed might end up there as well.

Yesterday, while enjoying a walk, I said to my wife, let’s take a shortcut through the parking lot. I noticed a large green dumpster, and for some reason, I peered through the dumpster door. There, in its original box, was a shiny black microwave! I reached in and lifted the microwave box up through the portal.

microwave oven I brought home my prize, sat it up on my tool bench, took it apart, fixed the broken door and plugged it in. The microwave lit up, whirred, and heated up without a hitch. I cleaned it, polished it, sat it up on our counter, and heated my first veggie dog. I burned the inside of my mouth, but the pain was worth it. Nuked food here we come!

I teach mindfulness meditation. Lately, I notice that I’m losing my identity. I have entered into a realm where I no longer think too much, I just am. I live in almost complete surrender. That’s not to say that I don’t have ambitions or goals, I just live more in the moment without thoughts or judgments. I can introduce a thought, let it go, and watch as life takes care of the details.

My many years of mindfulness meditation have washed clean my emotional, mental, sub and super-conscious awareness. In this ego and desire less state, all that remains, is my True Self. In this blessed state, I co-create. I am one with All That Is.

I see Truth in beauty, and I see myself for who I am, an Individualize Unit of Pure Consciousness, localized, alert, aware of this moment completely, aware of my body, and the beautiful life inside it. I am vital, clear and conscious. I manifest easily, and effortlessly. Life lives me, rather than me living life.

I have just finished writing, and producing a new CD called “Soul Affirmation.” I have created a new genre of music for what I what I call a “New Conscious Society” called Affirmation Music—Music for Better Outcomes. I have a song on the disk called “It Constantly Comes to Me.” I am thankful for this moment and All that Constantly Comes To Me, especially microwave ovens.

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