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Affirmation Music Will Transform You

I am a long-time meditator and I am extremely aware of the thoughts I think. Spending time in a “no-mind-content” awareness serves to heighten my consciousness of the thoughts I think on a daily basis. It is like fully experiencing the new, exquisite taste and texture of food after a long fast.

I am the product of my thoughts. My thoughts determine my emotions and feelings, and equally important, they ultimately become how I see myself. Since I am responsible for the creation of my thoughts, I must be intentionally mindful of the thoughts I allow to enter my mind field.

Improving Self Esteem: Self talk = Self imageImproving Self Esteem

Every day we are bombarded with repetitive ads, news, opinion and sensory information. Neuronal pathways in the brain form grooves or patterns resulting in habitual thought patterns. Negative viewpoints taken in from a myriad of sources, become crystallized impressions inside our minds. We begin to believe that these ideas are “ours”, and the ego adopts and loves them, thereby becoming an intrinsic part of our belief systems. Moreover, our conscious mind interprets this information, and filters these messages based on our familial, societal and culturally-conditioned perceptions.

If these patterns are negative, before long we develop negative internal dialogues, and these tapes play over and over inside our heads, resulting in low self esteem, depression, addiction and a negative view of the world. These negative mindsets leave us thinking ‘inside the box’, stuck, without progression or transformation and our relationships, health, wealth, and other areas of our lives begin to suffer.

Groove Control: How to Build Self Esteem and Confidence Through Affirmations

Meditation helped me to see that my thoughts become my actions, and I must be mindful of what kind of self-talk I allow to enter my consciousness. If I control my thoughts, I control what I do. Since we are what we think of most, I prefer to think positive and useful thoughts, rather than negative and destructive thoughts.

This understanding has served me well. As a young man, I had very low self esteem. I began to redefine how and what I thought about myself, and I set out to intentionally reprogram those long-held, cherished beliefs through the use of positive daily affirmations.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive declarations about core beliefs, values and predominant internal conversations you have with yourself.

Positive daily affirmations can help you maintain a positive mental attitude, improve self-esteem and keep you focused on your desired intentions relating to wealth, success, health, relationships or any part of your life that you wish to improve. Repeating and believing affirmations can help to reprogram the mind from the negative self-talk that keeps you from the success, love, wholeness and fulfillment you deserve.

A New Genre of Inspirational Music: Merging Emotion and Affirmation

Being a musician, I understand the incredible emotional power that music can have on the psyche. I would Dance Class Photo by B.L. Ochman remark to myself about the guy on the dance floor happily singing all the words to a song he once knew back in his day. He didn’t even have to think. The music brought the past back to life. I’m sure he could remember where he was, who was with him, and what he felt the last time he heard that particular song.

Then a light went off, “why don’t I incorporate the tremendous power of music and affirmation, to create a powerful, repetitive emotional re-programming tool to help reduce negative self talk”! This auto suggestion song, played on your drive home for example, would help infuse the memory with positive statements. Old beliefs would be re-channeled into new, healthy beliefs, changing the very foundation of the inner conversation we have with ourselves.

“Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better”. French pharmacist, Emile Coue

Mind Power Secrets: How Words Create You

The words we form in our minds are mini creations coming from the small self, or ego, which doesn’t exist, and higher Self, which is All That Is. We co-create our reality. Words affect our environment, our bodies, our minds and others. A simple word can have so many meanings depending upon how it is framed and according to the intention behind it. When the word is released, it carries with it great power. Words can organize, destroy, facilitate, love, criticize, motivate or compliment.

The words “I am” are very powerful words. These simple words tell the universe that you are here, ready to create, and focus your energies on your highest good and intentions.

Discover Your True Self Behind the Words

Why are we attracted to certain words and repelled by others? Certainly intention has a great effect. The intention behind the word propels the word deeper into our

conscious and sub conscious minds. Also, our perceptions, belief systems, motivations and desires have a part to play in how the word is either interpreted or perceived.

The Bible says: “In the beginning was the word (OM, Amen, Allah) and the word was with God, and the word was God” (John 1.01). Yogis say this cosmic sound vibration is heard as a sound, or a mixture of sounds, of various frequencies. In Hinduism, OM is considered the primal sound, from which all else arises. OM is the mantra or chant often used in mindfulness meditation and is chanted at the beginning of many Hindu prayers. My beloved teacher, Paramahansa Yogananda calls OM the sound of the vibration of the cosmic motor.

Thoughts + Beliefs = Reality. If we think we can…we can!

flower in hand

At the center of our inner conversation with ourselves, are core beliefs about who we think we are. For affirmations to be truly effective, it must have an emotional impact on you. You must ‘feel’ them to be true. Speaking, or singing the affirmation out loud with great conviction ignites the fire of passion within you, thereby magnetizing and polarizing your intentions. Once your charge the affirmation with your belief, energy becomes motion, or e-motion, and your dreams and desires transform into reality.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve”. — Napolean Hill

Mother of Skill: Repetition

It takes constant practice for an idea to sink into our minds. Affirmations should be repeated daily for maximum reinforcement. Planting new seeds of change into the fertile soil of the mind is accomplished best when the mind is relaxed and receptive to new ideas. Listening or reciting your positive daily affirmations after your mindfulness meditation session is ideal. The mind may resist rising above old ideas, hardened opinions, beliefs, preconceived notions, and conditionings, but with enough time, practice and repetition of love, trust, strength or prosperity affirmations, you can re-channel the mind to new and more useful ideas about you and your world.

What is so fabulous about affirmation music is that you don’t really need to consciously think about the new affirmation; you just need to listen daily. Soon, the sub-conscious mind will assimilate the new thought form, and the new belief will take hold. You will automatically create the circumstance you desire.

The Definition of Self Awareness: As Within, So Without

talkAs I grow as a person and discover continual newness about myself and the world I live in, I become ever more aware of the importance of language, information, and belief as the major players in how I co-create a life worth living. I’ve found that what we say and think about ourselves become our realities. And if we are in fact mere terminals for our Higher Power, we must be mindful of what we think and say and how we say it.

As I delve into consciousness and the role it plays in my progression from an ego-centric person to a God-centric person, I once again come face to face with the idea that all life is subjective and that all problems have a spiritual solution. There is nothing but energy in a sea of energy. Maybe that energy is sound vibration and it is the very building block of our existence and reality. As a songwriter, musician and audio engineer, I am excited about this musical, electric consciousness. But I’ll save this for another article.

Being and Becoming -The Cosmic Healing of Daily Motivational Affirmations

What we attract to ourselves must be what we think, resonate and vibrate to. How we manipulate fine particles of thought, how we set energy in motion through fanning the fire of desire within and what we choose to focus on all serve to create what we ultimately become.

Listen or sing to affirmation music everyday and believe it to be true. Write your own unique affirmations and design the life you dream of. Watch your thinking. Be aware of your words, and the intention behind them. Through the use of affirmation music, coupled with clearly defined written goals and applied faith, your power is unlimited.

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