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Knowing by Heart – Listen To Your Intuition

35435 411058711629 670521629 5137478 5650808 nIntuition is sometimes defined as the sense of knowing something without any empirical evidence.

To some this is a divine source of knowing, while to others intuition is about listening to instinct. Or, knowing by heart.

Everyone experiences flashes of their intuition from time to time – those are the “ah-ha” moments of understanding.

In fact, most people walk around actively inviting their intuition to step in.

This is what you are doing when you wonder, whether you are wondering about people, places, facts, ideas, decisions, etc.

In order to allow your intuition to guide you, you simply need to relax and listen to yourself.

What some refer to as a gut reaction is often your mind trying to tell you something. In fact, the term gut reaction is very telling – oftentimes, large emotions will have a physical affect on our bodies.

Our experiences of joy, sorrow, elation, anger, and fear are all physical experiences. If you have a physical reaction to something, listen to what that tells you rather than ignore it for what you rationally know is right.

Oftentimes, if you take time to honor and examine your initial emotion, you’ll find that what you intellectually desire isn’t actually counter-indicated.

The more you practice opening to your intuition, the easier it will flow through you. When you first start consciously calling upon your intuition, make a time and space to do so.

Find a place to sit quietly and close your eyes. Then, call up the idea that you want to find clarity on and allow thoughts and ideas to flow into your mind.

You don’t need to follow any given train of thought, simply be open to hearing what occurs to you.

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