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Under Think It

When I got into mindfulness meditation 35 years ago, I was looking for a way to deal with fear.

Then all I wanted was to know God.

Since then, my whole life has become a mindfulness meditation.

The practice of mindfulness meditation is a straight and narrow path….like entrepreneurship.

You begin to see that there is only one reality: The Self. And that you are the creator of your reality.

That which is seen is created by That which sees it.

So I created a lot of stuff.

The principles I learned helped me build a sizable net worth. I bought franchises, commercial real estate and now I’m a business coach.

The mind’s nature is more. Spirituality is about less.


In this information age there’s a lot of words flying around.

I must confess… I’m weary of words.

Words fall short in describing the essential nature of truth.

Music comes closer to revealing the essential nature of truth.

But words are all we have. And it gets really noisy.

The good stuff lies in the gap between two thoughts…. in stillness.

When you see that your existence isn’t dependent, defined or determined by your thought stream – you begin to settle down.

You see your existence beyond conditions.

Under Think It

You see that it’s okay to just be without thought. That thinking isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

You get comfortable hanging out in no-thingness.

You see that everything is an illusion. Even the idea of you is an illusion. I know that’s a stretch for some.

Once you see this… you laugh. And then it simply becomes a matter of managing the illusion.

There is no right way or wrong way because life is going the right way.

Entrepreneurship as a Spiritual Path

Creating a successful business requires tenacity, determination and a long-term commitment. It requires self-discipline and focus…like mindfulness meditation.

Making a difference, while remaining present and connected to your higher power and purpose, is the secret ingredient that keeps us motivated and committed for the long haul.

JOB ONE: Add Value Daily. The making millions part will take care of itself.

All is well.

If we only know how all is really well, we would laugh out loud.

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