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How To Thrive in a Changing World

FuturePowerThe world is a rapidly changing place, and this is very much a mixed bag for most of us. The global economy and transfer of information has provided us with many amazing opportunities and yet we are still not working together to heal the damage done to the earth.

Our population has already surpassed our ability to feed ourselves, and having eaten our way through most of the surplus, countries are now playing a risky trading game with food.

How do we live in this world without becoming weighed down by the burden of responsibility, knowing that our actions have intense consequences that, at times, involve the future of the very planet we live on?

Start by breathing. Breathe deeply and fully. Focus on your breathing. Take full joyous breaths and slow calming breaths. Breathe through every emotion you experience and be grateful for each breath you inhale.

In doing so, you are invigorating body and mind and providing your body with the full amount of oxygen it needs to thrive. Shallow breathing deprives your body of oxygen, which in turn slowly runs down your health and destabilizes your emotions, so the next time you find yourself getting upset, stop and breathe.

Taking several slow deep breathes can completely change your state of mind.

Live with intention. Listen to your experiences and be gentle with yourself. If you can gain clarity with yourself about how you intend to interact with the world around you, you can carry this clarity into every decision you make, every action you take.

Some of these can be personal, such as choosing to express love and kindness to all others or more broad intentions, such as choosing to always opt to purchase earth-friendly options.

Whatever you do, act in the knowledge that you can make a difference with your actions, and even small or seemingly insignificant choices contribute to the whole.

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