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Self Awareness and Your Career

careerselfawarenessHow does self awareness relate to your career, you ask? It is quite simple really: when you are self aware, you are able to see clearly all that is around you, including your work reality.

You will be able to perform to your highest abilities, know yourself well enough to be able to ask for what you need, and inform others of your abilities, expectations and interests.

You will also be able to understand your mistakes, and admit to them – something that goes further in the business world that most of us ever consider.

If you are seeking employment, be assured that a strong sense of self awareness will go a long way in making a good impression on any potential employer.

During a personal interview, the interviewer is not just listening to the literal answers that you give to their questions; they are also watching your body language and listening to what you are telling them about yourself.

If you seem self-aware, confident, and knowledgeable, both about your field and yourself, your chances of landing the job are much higher.

If you are already employed, you have the opportunity to upgrade your work environment through self-awareness.

When you encounter problems at work, use your skills to determine what the problem really is, and what your contribution to the solution can be. In moving up the corporate ladder, if that is your path, knowing that you are ready for that next rung up and being able to communicate that clearly and honestly with the people responsible for granting that promotion is an essential skill.

Self awareness skills are also beneficial when it comes to goal setting, time management, and building healthy work relationships.

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