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New Age Music Artists LaDeroute Release New Album “Soul Affirmation Music For Better Outcomes”

May 20, 2008

Asheville based musicians Ken and Amy LaDeroute, of the band LaDeroute, are proud to announce the release of their latest album titled Soul Affirmation—Music For Better Outcomes. In 1980 the couple firstLaDeroute Releases \ met when Ken LaDeroute’s band was in search of the perfect singer. Amy LaDeroute’s powerful, soulful voice was an instant hit during her audition and this began a personal and musical relationship that toured the United States and Canada for fourteen years.

This musical duo has performed together in several different bands, with many renowned musicians and in a variety of musical genres over the last 28 years. With musical backgrounds in jazz, funk and rock, Soul Affirmation is the first album they have released as new age music artists under the band name LaDeroute. Inspired by years of mindfulness meditation and study, LaDeroute’s goal is to pioneer a new genre of mindfulness meditation music called Affirmation Music.

On Soul Affirmation listeners will hear beautifully written, positive daily affirmations sung by Amy LaDeroute’s unforgettable voice and complimented by Ken LaDeroute’s richly textured, musical compositions. The album features percussionist Carlos Fernandez , Asheville-based violinist Duncan Wickel, horn player Tom Shirah, cellist Elsbeth Van Tongeren and keyboardist Richard Shulman. Shulman has recorded 22 albums and currently composes healing and mindfulness meditation music.

The album is produced by Ken LaDeroute and Grammy-nominated artist Kit Walker . Walker has performed as the the keyboardist for world music artist Jai Uttal and the Pagan Love Orchestra. He appears on the Grammy-nominated album Mondo Rama. Walker also produced singer Deva Premal’s best-selling albums Love Is Space and Embrace.

Soul Affirmation is mixed by drummer and world music producer Ben Leinbach. Leinbach has recorded with Jai Uttal since 1993 and helped produce the Grammy-nominated Mondo Rama. Leinbach also recently finished mixing Deva Premal’s newest album The Moola Mantra. Rosser plays the Indian dotar on the album.

Soul Affirmation was a 4-year endeavor of LaDeroute and its release is the culmination of their heartfelt commitment, passion and vision. “Our intention is to share how inner reflection through a practice of mindfulness meditation and affirmation music can help humans attain their highest potential and achieve Self realization,” states LaDeroute. For more information or to listen affirmation music online visit

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