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7 Not So Perfect Ways for Getting Stuff Done

Okay I admit it. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist. But notice I wrote the word “somewhat,” so I must be cured of this affliction.

Many times, this perfectionist quality prevents me from getting stuff done. Especially when it comes to marketing.

If you want to be successful, obscurity is not an option.

Imagine how visible your business would be in just one year if you devoted merely one hour per day to marketing.

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. -Mahatma Gandhi
Here are a few slogans that I use to keep me moving forward to take fast decisive daily action.

1. “Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Poorly.” Being a perfectionist only serves to slow down your action muscle. You’re better off getting the project done rather than obsessing over copy or design. Good grammar is important but don’t let it stop you in your tracks. Write a draft and then clean it up. Get it done.

2. “Ready Fire Aim, rather than, Ready Aim Fire.” Learn to shoot from the hip. Start by making small decisions. Practice making them quickly and often. When you do, you’ll begin to trust your intuition.

3. “Speed of Implementation.” In business it’s been proven that those who can implement their marketing and projects the fastest, win big time.

4. “First Thought Best Thought.” Over-thinking a project squeezes the life out of it. Notice your thoughts. If you find yourself over-thinking, STOP and take a step back. Practice acting on your first thought. When it comes time for big decisions you’ll face them with confidence. And there is no second guessing.

5. “Just Do It.” Take ONE thing, whether it’s creating a program or product, don’t think about it  just create it. Try crafting the marketing message first then SELL IT.

If you get a bunch of buyers then create the program. You instinctively and intuitively know what to do in each moment. Go with your gut and just do it.

6. Three Simple Questions For Making A Decision

Ask yourself…

• Is it fun?
• Do I enjoy the people I’m with?
• Is it making a difference?

If you get 3 “OH HELL YES” answers, then DO IT.

7. Use Heart Wisdom

When it’s time to make a decision pay close attention to your body’s intelligence. Ask yourself: “What will happen if I make this choice?” If you notice a comfort feeling in your body that’s the right decision.

If you notice an uncomfortable feeling then it’s not the right choice. When self doubt or fear come into the mind stop and put your attention on your heart.

Ask your heart what to do…

Your heart is hooked up and tuned into Wholeness. Trust your inner voice.

Wholeness, Ground of Being, Source, the Universe, God, call it whatever you like, is accessed by tuning into your heart’s wisdom.

When you allow yourself to be a conduit for consciousness, all decisions and choices come quickly and easily, and in perfect order.

In the quiet knowledge that comes from knowing yourself and your true calling, you are able to trust and surrender.

When you do, your highest actions, decisions and choices come easily and naturally.

You are being informed by Wholeness.

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