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How to Make Love Find You

Do you sleep alone?

Do you wake up on Sunday, eat your breakfast and wish you had somebody to share your week with?

Your ipod sings, “Don’t You Want Somebody To Love,” “I Want To Know What Love Is,” and “When a Man Loves a Woman.”

Everywhere you look, people are paired up, glued and stuck together like love-sick gerbals.

And oh no, not another holiday. Another holiday to remind you of your problem, your pain, your loneliness.

Heart Aches

You long for someone that you are comfortable sharing silence with. Someone that thinks your quirky habits are cute and endearing. Someone to be passionate with.

When love isn’t there, you ask yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” “What am I doing wrong?”

Sometimes you feel like you’re going to end up spending the rest of your life searching for love.

So you turn out the light, go to sleep and pray that in another day, love will find you.

You Are Love

Love isn’t a quality that lives outside of you. Because there is nothing but love in a sea of love. At your core, you are love.

Love is ALL there is.

Love doesn’t need to find you because it’s right where you are – right now.

Love Is Blind

And yet, the mind feels like there’s something missing, something wrong.

If you’ve known love in the past, your mind brings up memories of how it used to be, and you imagine how it could be again.

Those mental models and expectations only serve to bring you – you guessed it – more pain.

But love doesn’t make distinctions in the way our egos make distinctions.

Make Love Your Goal

If you want to find somebody to love, start by loving everybody more.

Life isn’t about loving just one person, life is about loving everybody and everything.

If you really want love to find you…

  • Become more of a loving person to yourself
  • Become more of a loving person with your friends
  • Become more of a loving person with your family

If you really want love to find you, be willing to love everybody a little bit more.

Make love your goal everyday.

The Mind wants MORE

It’s okay to want more, but when you think there’s something missing in your life, you decide you’re unhappy and you put your life on hold.

Because… you think your happiness hinges upon love finding you.

Here’s a quick exercise:

Write out the answer to these questions:

1. How is love showing up in my life right now?

When you become aware of the love that is already present in your life, you will notice love showing up in other forms. Be grateful.

2. How would I be living my life if I was already in love?

Live from that place and be in love with the world.

When you make love your goal everyday and you become a more loving person, guess what?

This is the way to find love.

And this is how love will find you.

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