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50 Symptoms of Mindful Awakening

I’ve been experiencing more mindful awakening in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last 8 years. It’s been coming at me fast and furious.

Perhaps it has to do with a quickening in our conscious evolution.

Here’s a list, that gushed out rather quickly, of experiences and insights over the course of my 35 year mindfulness journey.

Just reading this will raise your awareness.

But it would be better if you took time to deeply ponder on each item and practice the mindfulness meditations.

If you have other qualities of mindful awakening that you’d like to share, please share them in the comment section below so that others may benefit and grow.

50 Symptoms of Mindful Awakening

  1. You stop what you’re doing right now and take a long slow deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth or nose. You silently ask yourself the question, “What would happen if I allow this moment to be just as it is?”
  2. You meditate and ask the question, “Who Am I.” Without intellectualizing or expecting an answer from the mind, you instead, notice what it “feels” like to embody and be that state.
  3. You let go of past and future thinking and remain in present-moment awareness. You are mindful.
  4. You let go of the past. Why make memory a problem? You let go and move on.
  5. You forgive yourself first, then forgive your family. These two steps make it easier to forgive everyone else. You visualize yourself forgiving them and they forgiving you.
  6. You realize that you are not the mind. If you can observe your mind thinking, who is doing the thinking? If you can change your mind, who is doing the changing?
  7. You become a master of your mind, rather than it’s servant.
  8. You realize that your existence isn’t dependent, determined by or defined by your thought stream.
  9. You let go of labeling, judging, opinions, beliefs, representations and strong positions in the mind.
  10. You see that there is no inherent meaning in anything. We, with our minds, assign meaning to whatever we choose to find meaningful.
  11. You realize that you are not your emotions. Your emotions are mainly determined by your thinking mind, which is an illusion.
  12. You readily accept sadness when you’re sad, fear when you’re afraid and happiness when you’re happy, without attempting to change or protest it, without labeling it good or bad, or escaping from it – regardless if the situation or experience is negative, uncomfortable or unacceptable.
  13. Your predominate emotions are compassion, kindness and joy.
  14. You no longer identify with your ego.
  15. From the perspective of the ego, life seems like a problem to be solved. When you are mindfully awakened, there are no doubts or problems that require a solution.
  16. All beliefs are illusions. They are merely repeated thought forms your ego has decided to adopt as yours. Realize that all beliefs have no basis in truth.
  17. You realize that your idea of a separate you is a false belief and that there is nothing to do. In reality, consciousness as a whole is the only doer. It just looks like there’s a separate you who goes around doing things to and with other separate things.
  18. You realize that all pain is a result of your resistance to something. You accept and surrender and let whatever happens be okay, without being in opposition to life. .
  19. You welcome challenges and see them as opportunities for growth.
  20. You release your addiction to struggle. You let go of your attachment to struggle, it is no longer a part of your identity.
  21. You are not in opposition to anything. Resistance to life is the definition for ego. Realize that the stories you tell yourself about yourself do not have any basis in truth.
  22. You master your attention. Your attention is the greatest gift you can give another. Think of your attention as love. When you give someone your patient undivided attention, your are giving love.
  23. Love isn’t a quality that lives outside of you. Because there is nothing but love in an ocean of love. At your core, you are love.
  24. You realize that love is all there is. That all is in Divine order, that ALL IS WELL. There is nowhere that God is not – especially in you.
  25. The relationships you attract in your life at this moment are precisely the ones you need in your life at this moment.
  26. EVERYTHING exists in a state of pure potential, in a state of infinite possibilities. What becomes real is dependent on YOU the observer or YOU as consciousness.
  27. You are a conduit for consciousness and allow consciousness to flow through you.
  28. When you find out who you’re not, you will discover your true self.
  29. You are your reality. You awaken to the idea that everything emanates from the source of your own being.
  30. You realize that you an individualized unit of pure consciousness, localized in male or female form. You are already THAT which you seek. The kingdom of God is within you.
  31. You are a spiritual being with moments of physicality and not a physical being with moments of spirituality.
  32. Beyond the play of opposites, whether it is politics or religion, the source that is your Self remains the same.
  33. You celebrate life. You are lighthearted and blissful. Your inherent nature is happiness.
  34. You are content with yourself just as you are, in simplicity. In this simplicity you find peace of mind.
  35. You are a prince and princess of peace.
  36. You trust and believe in yourself. You know that you are able to tap into an infinite part of yourself that simply knows what to do in each moment, without fear, anxiety or analysis.
  37. You see that you are free from intellectually having to know. You are able to look at all the various potential choices happening in each moment all around you, consider them all, and know exactly how to respond without hesitation.
  38. You begin to feel deeply “in tune” or “at one with” the way consciousness is moving in your life.
  39. You realize that awakening requires no effort. You allow your life to flow from moment to moment, effortlessly and easily. Living becomes effortless, as you are better able to “flow” with life.
  40. You become more accepting of everything, just the way it is, in the moment.
  41. You surrender to all that is. When there is no goal, your senses are more open to the wonder of the moment. From that place, you discover that whatever you are doing in the moment is your purpose.
  42. When you surrender, you no longer demand that an experience, person or place should satisfy or make you happy. When you no longer place a demand on every experience, person or place, something new happens – the mind begins to rest and a new stillness arises.
  43. You see that from birth to death is like falling. You think you’re going to go “splat.” but you simply “bounce.” There’s nothing to fear
  44. You realize that awakening is no big deal, that everyone will do it sooner than later.
  45. You lose your individual identity. This can be disconcerting for some but blissful and liberating for others.
  46. You see yourself in others and others in you.
  47. You are in tune, informed and connected to your heart’s wisdom and you abide in Wholeness.
  48. Wholeness readily operates through you, it inspires your creative mind and elevates you to another plateau or dimension of awareness.
  49. When you’re hooked up to Wholeness, through your heart’s wisdom, your ability to discern truth from untruth increases exponentially.
  50. You notice feelings of sublimation into all that is or feelings of oneness. It might feel like a fullness or emptiness – or both at the same time. You realize that you are nothing and everything at the same time.

I’d sure love to hear about your personal mindful awakenings. Just leave a comment below so that others may benefit from your wisdom.

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