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Easy Steps to Eliminate Fear in 5 Minutes or Less

In these stressful times, it’s easy to allow feelings of fear to escalate out of control. Fear isn’t good for your health – fear causes dis-ease.

Fear and love are the most basic of human emotions. Remember – it’s impossible for fear and love to exist in the same space. Think loving thoughts.

Fear does not exist, it’s an illusion. I challenge you to bring me a bucket of fear – you cannot do it.

Fear cannot exist in present moment awareness. So, be here now.

Here is a quick and easy technique to help you eliminate fear in 5 minutes. Write this down or print it out – in case of a fear attack.

Eliminate Fear Technique – EFT

Breathe deeply and fully through your nose 3 times and recite the word ‘relax’ in your mind. Make exhalations longer than inhalations – let it all out.

Notice the space between your armpits – see and feel peace in that space. Hold peace in that space for 2 minutes.

Without past or future thoughts, be fully mindful of being in the present moment.

Quickly write the answers to these 4 questions.

  1. Name your top 5 fears in order of priority.
  2. Where do your fears come from?
  3. What sets off my fears?
  4. What changes can you make to be free from these fears?

Rinse and Repeat.

If this doesn’t work call or email me – I’ll talk you through. I’m great at helping folks eliminate fear – forever.

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