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Reduce Suffering: Increase Awareness with Meditation

meditate1Knocking down the walls of conditioning and ego opens up new vistas. Your perspective widens. Expansion reveals a deeper intelligence, awake and alive, pulsating with loving energy.

I go to this place when I meditate. It’s the Ground of Being, and this is my home.

Remembering the deeper states of awareness in your daily life and allowing it to infuse all you do makes life more joyful and effortless. Your life becomes a mindfulness meditation.

Being able to watch your thoughts as you think them enables you to actively see what does not serve you. In this observation, thoughts that don’t serve you, simply fall away.

Live Consciously

It isn’t easy being human. When we come to earth we suffer. The question is, to what degree? Increased awareness allows you to consciously choose which circumstances to get involved in, with the knowledge that it will involve some level of suffering.

If you live your life unconsciously, you will unconsciously create more suffering for yourself.

The problem of suffering can’t be solved; it can only be surrendered to. When you live in a state of surrendered acceptance, you begin to flow with the current of life rather than swim against it.

The effortlessness I speak of is this surrender. Letting go, without trying to make sense of it allows freedom to be, without trying.

Live In Your Truth

When you live completely in your truth and are doing your life’s work, without pushing or shoving, you awaken to the higher perspective of a holistic unity in all. We should give in to this awareness.

This is not just a metaphysical concept but actually the way you see it. Seen in this deeper way, we realize the whole is acting through us and life lives us rather than we living life.

All life is impermanent, and all of this won’t matter. There is nothing to do. Being is enough.

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