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Higher Perspectives: Finding Peace in an Awakening World

awakening worldIt’s dawn and the world is waking up. Eyes open, still drunk from sleep, we stretch and prepare for the realities of the day. As day follows night, we move in tandem with the cycles of nature.

Birth and death, creation and destruction – these are the cycles of life. These cycles reveal themselves in nature, fashion, economies, civilizations, and in the life and death of a star. These contradictions support and relate to each other, in that one cannot exist without the other.

Beyond the Rise and Fall of Cycles

We are all subject to growth and dissolution. Nothing can grow forever; eventually the crest of the wave surrenders to the soothing calm on shore. Dissolution allows growth to happen and re-energize, and a new crop gives way to our inevitable spiritual evolution.

Sometimes we ride the wave of success and other times we brace for the fall. It is not that one cycle is good or the other is bad, it just is. The sooner we come to accept this idea and surrender to it, the less we will suffer.

Spiritual Awakening

In our awakening world, our inhabitants are becoming spiritually conscious at an ever-quickening pace. This ascending cycle is an opportunity for us to refocus our priorities and learn to care for one another. It is essential for our spiritual liberation.

Every condition or situation in life will change or disappear. To hold on or resist this change will disappoint and bring suffering. Every time you judge or form an opinion about something, the mind identifies with it, and the harder it becomes to accept the loss of fortune, fame or position. You can still create, do and become, but your situation is not who you are. You must accept and stand your middle ground.

Like a butterfly that emerges from the chrysalis, our world is in the process of a metamorphosis. After a long winter, spring finally arrives, and with it comes abundance and new growth. A new cycle is a good time for cleaning and re-examining your priorities. Throw away what is non-essential and simplify. Allow your heart to open and be generous.

Pray More: Meditate

Peace of mind is easy when things are going well. Being grounded in a regular practice of mindfulness meditation helps remind us of a deeper dimension unaffected by cycles and the play of opposites.

Be ruthlessly honest with yourself and determine if your ego is resisting the flow of life. Ask yourself if you are making decisions that do not serve you or your fellow man. Loosen your control, let go, and look deeply into yourself.

Be mindful of your daily thoughts and how they serve to create your future and that of the collective whole. Rewire old thinking habits and introduce daily positive affirmations into your mind field.

Access Your Essential Self

Stopping the thought process and mind-identification with outer circumstances allows for inspiration, imagination and creativity. Less ideation gives way to feeling. Your heart center opens and you gain access to your essential self.

Beyond conditions and contradictions, you will find an all-loving presence living inside you. Get re-connected with your Source everyday in mindfulness meditation. From that understanding and clarity, you can move forward with new fervor and determination and begin living life with meaning and purpose.

Self-observation brings man to the realization of the necessity of self-change. And in observing himself a man notices that self-observation itself brings about certain changes in his inner processes. He begins to understand that self-observation is an instrument of self-change, a means of awakening.” ~ George Gurdjeff

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