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Build Emotional Muscle: Positive Mindsets for Challenging Times

I’ve been having more than my usual share of economic and health-related challenges lately, but that’s okay – I’m a survival expert.

I left for the road when I was 17 with nothing but a guitar and suitcase. I’ve come a long way since then and I’ve made it all on my own.

I toured throughout Canada and the US as a self-taught guitarist playing six nights a week for 14 years for 52 two weeks a year.

I played the pits to the ritz from Newfoundland to British Columbia and back again.

We would travel on Sundays, sometimes for great distances and get to the gig strung out and bleary-eyed just in time to play on Monday night. You know what they say, “The show must go on.”

I remember arduous 24-hour road trips across the Canadian prairies, Eastern maritime provinces or the Rocky Mountains through blizzards and storms.

Exhausted, we’d pull into the worst flea bag motel you’ve ever seen in your life. I remember thinking, “This place is disgusting.”

In really bad rooms, for a better night’s sleep, sometimes I’d take a door off it’s hinges to support a very worn and droopy mattress.

To save money, we’d often cook in our rooms. Peanut butter was a musician’s staple. We did our laundry in the bath tub and kept our milk cold in a bucket of ice.

Have I Got Stories to Tell!

I remember spending Christmas day eating Chinese food in a remote Northern Ontario lumber town and coming back to a gray lonely room with paper thin walls and a leaky ceiling. You could easily overhear french-speaking neighbors arguing in the adjacent room.

We carried all of our belongings with us. My guitar, music cassettes and spiritual books were my solace.

Many night’s I’d like awake, my ears still ringing from loud amplifiers, trying to figure out how to build myself up emotionally for the road life I chose.

I had no choice but to develop self-reliance and resilience. Not only did I learn how to survive – I learned how to thrive in difficult times.

Build Emotional Muscle

If you’re going through a difficult time right now, you may be indirectly preparing yourself for the future.

Maybe you are being asked to exercise emotional muscles you haven’t worked out before.

Maybe courage, persistence and a sense of humor are new positive mindsets you need to get you through to the next phase of your life.

One of the greatest qualities I learned from those days on the road was flexibility.

If you didn’t learn to adapt and be flexible with the various unexpected situations that would arise, you would end up being a very unhappy camper – I learned the hard way – go with the flow.

Remove Resistance

I learned that all struggle and pain is a result of your resistance to something.

To the degree that you can have less resistance, the greater the reduction of pain and suffering you will experience.

I learned to accept what happens, even if it is uncomfortable. The sooner you stop resisting, the sooner the discomfort will end.

When you stop resisting, there’s more room for you to become receptive to new possibilities and transformation.

Master Your Mindset Tool – Letting Whatever Happens Be Okay

Here’s a new video I created that teaches you how to develop a new positive mindset that will help you “go with the flow” and let whatever happens be okay.

If you practice this new positive mindset, I guarantee it will change the way you look a life forever and give you tools to deal with stressful situations and events in your life.

Get a Better Inner Game for A Better Outer Game

I’m still a guitar player, but now I work a different kind of room. When I speak at seminars or workshops – I work the meeting room.

As a content creator and mindset coach in this new economy, I see that ideas bring freedom and inspiration.

I use my life experiences and expert knowledge and ideas to help other people improve their lives or businesses so they’ll be able to have more income and fulfilling relationships.

When a problem arises, I start from the inside out.

I ask, what mindsets or limiting beliefs are preventing you from breaking through to the next level of success you see for yourself.

I’ve learned to master my inner game for a better outer game because you don’t see things as they are – you see things as you are.

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