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Let That Sh*t Go

Everyday on my walks I pass by a gift shop and notice a mint green coffee mug displayed prominently in the store window. It reads: “Let that sh*t go.”

I smile and walk on.

When I got off the road as a touring musician I felt like I lost my identity.

Because I chose to come off the road without a plan B, I had no clue what the heck I was supposed to do with myself.

I kept asking, “Who am I supposed to be now?” 

I loved being a musician. I loved the way it made me feel. It was exciting! But I resisted. I couldn’t let go, so I suffered and grieved. 

Where was that coffee mug when I needed it? 

One day I realized that it was my reaction to my perceived loss of identity that was causing all my pain.

It was my unwillingness to accept and let go of that old identity.

I learned that the pain I was feeling was the result of my resistance to something.

The more I accepted and surrendered the less I resisted and the less I suffered emotionally and psychologically.

Now when I notice myself judging myself or others I use a simple catch phrase to help remind me to live in a surrendered way.

The catch phrase I use:

“Let whatever happens be okay.”

When you let whatever happens be okay, you redefine your attachment to beliefs, opinions, mindsets and especially your identity.

At every turn in life, every disappointment, every challenge or struggle, things people say or don’t say, I remember the catch phrase … 

“Let whatever happens be okay.”

Try it for yourself.

You’ll find your life becomes more gracious, at ease and simple. You’ll reduce the cognitive load on your brain. You’ll enjoy a greater sense of freedom in your mind. You’ll enjoy more calm and peace. 

Sometimes I’ll rephrase the question to allow for deeper self-acceptance and ask: “What would happen if I allowed myself to be just as I am?” 

Try it for yourself right now.

You’ll notice a softening, a deeper trust that ALL is unimaginably well. Especially YOU. 

If you are going through a transition, a retirement, a breakup, or simply experiencing unrest in how you are interfacing with your reality, I would encourage you to take time to be quiet and look under the hood.

Or, get a new perspective. Hire me as your coach.

I also teach a meditation practice every Sunday morning at 10:00 AM.

2 Components of a Regular Meditation Practice

1) To develop the courage to look closely at oneself and get familiar with your thought-making machinery.

2) To develop resiliency. When times get tough you learn to build up the core competency and skill of focus, attention and mental toughness so you can let that sh*t go.

I think I’ll go out and buy that coffee mug. Maybe I’ll buy one for each of my friends, too! 

Ken LaDeroute, CPC (Certified Professional Mindset Coach)

I help you overcome mindset challenges, set meaningful goals, and channel your efforts toward progress and success.

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