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Joy is Our Birthright

Going deeply into Myself has been the greatest blessing in my life. Meditation clears away deep conditioned beliefs and memories.

Lately, I am losing my identity. And that’s a good thing. I catch myself looking at my body from a distance. It’s as though I am invisible. I have found that simply being is so joyful. The ego is finally diminishing and I’m beginning to see more clearly.

Meditation, or no mind content, brings an understanding of the Ground of Being. You realize your oneness with All That Is. You can have anything, and know anything. All is given to you, and you experience joy, all the time. Life begins to live you, rather than you living life.

appletree1 This new knowingness or understanding requires nothing and non-doing. You simply introduce a desire, and it begins to come toward you. Surrender is the operating word. Sitting in silence is the cleaner of emotion, thought and desire. This blessing is there for everyone. Go to it often and realize your True Self.

I have a song on our new CD called “Soul Affirmation” — Music for Better Outcomes, called “My True Self.” It speaks about the many qualities of consciousness. The main one, which is our birthright, is Joy.

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