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How to Stop Overthinking: Creative Strategies for Mental Clarity in a World of Infobesity

I was fed up with overthinking. The constant swirl of thoughts, the never-ending mental chatter – it was like being trapped in a maze with no exit. Once upon a time, you might have known me from my days on the road, rocking out on my guitar and living a simple life. But times have changed. We’ve traded the serenity of open roads for the chaos of smartphones, perpetually tethered to the relentless stream of information overload. I call it infobesity.

In the midst of all this chatter and noise, I found myself longing for the simplicity of my days on the road. Back when touring through Canada and the U.S. was a breeze, no thoughts of utility bills and insurance payments – just me, my guitars, and the vast expanse of the open road. Those were the days when I would explore the profound teachings of Buddhism, and Eastern religions. No phones, no internet – just the purity of existence.

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Nowadays, however, we find ourselves drowning in distractions, our attention ensnared by the weapons of mass distraction – our phones. From the moment we wake up, we’re bombarded by a barrage of information, a surefire recipe for overthinking. Fear not, ladies and gentlemen, as your friendly guide in mindfulness and meditation, I’m here to share some creative strategies to navigate through this maze of incessant thoughts.

Make a Date with Anxiety

First, let’s talk about setting a time for worry. It might sound counterintuitive, but trust me on this one. Block out 30 minutes a day in your calendar to let those worries run wild. It’s like scheduling a date with your anxieties. When midnight comes knocking and your mind starts racing, you’ll realize you’ve already done your worrying for the day.

Move Your Body

Exercise emerges as another beacon to guide us out of the overthinking madness. Get that blood flowing, infuse oxygen into that brain of yours. Research even suggests that exercise helps calm down the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal region. Whether it’s a brisk walk, a swim, or some good old-fashioned yoga, let your body be the hero in this stress-busting tale.

Let It Be

Now, channel a bit of the Beatles with “Let It Be.” Surrender, not in defeat, but in trust. Life is happening for you, not to you. Trust that everything will work out, and remember the wisdom found in beholding the lilies of the field – they don’t try to grow; they just grow. It’s about letting things be and allowing life to live through you.

Go on a Media Fast

In the age of digital overload, remember, we’re not in competition with machines. Turn off the news, limit your phone time, and cut down on those weapons of mass distraction. Give yourself the gift of being fully present as a human being.

De-frag Your Brain

When it comes to meditation, think of it as defragging your hard drive. Create space in your mind, find that open, spacious awareness. Sit down, get comfortable, take a deep breath. Feel the weight of your body, the aliveness within.

OM – Open Monitering

In this meditation journey, practice open monitoring. Sit on the park bench of your mind, observing life without judgment. Thoughts come and go, sensations rise and fall, but you are the director, not entangled in the movie, but aware of the vast screen upon which it plays. Recognize that you are the creator of your own narrative.

As we wrap up our journey to calm down that overthinking mind, let’s remember that you’re the boss of your thoughts. Let them come and go, like clouds in the sky. It’s like changing the channel on your mind’s TV – find the one that brings peace.

As the renowned philosopher Lao Tzu wisely puts it, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Reflect on this as you navigate through the hustle and bustle. Sometimes, slowing down and embracing the natural pace of life can lead to profound clarity.

Until next time, stay cool, and keep on rocking. 

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