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10 Easy Steps for Finding All The Clients You Need On Facebook

Are you looking for a steady stream of paying clients for your coaching business? Would you like a simple way to target WHO you were meant to serve so that you can make a positive difference in the world and profit at the same time? Facebook is a brilliant tool for finding your ideal client. Finding your niche & ideal client is perhaps the most critical thing you can do for your business. You need to be really clear on WHO you are meant to serve. Once you nail it, it makes everything in your business SO much easier. Don’t worry so much about the niche. Focus on WHO you want to coach. In order to have a real business you need a continual funnel of paying clients to keep your practice rocking. Ask Yourself:
Are there enough people that are desperate enough to open their wallets and hire me?
Here’s how to find clients on Facebook: 1. Find one person who epitomizes the client you’d love to serve and you are absolutely CERTAIN you can bring the results or outcomes they desire. Coaching is nothing but a big hug unless you can bring results for your clients. 2. Take that person out to lunch. Interview them and write down the language they use to describe their desperate pains, emotional cravings or what keeps them up at night. 3.  Find one keyword phrase that describes this person. Make sure the keyword phrase isn’t too vague or woo-woo. Maybe it’s “massage therapists.” 4. Use “Auto Facebook Marketer” to input your keyword phrase. Scrape Facebook Id’s and export them into a .csv file. Import them into Facebook Power Editor. Create a target audience. 5. Using your target audience, create a Facebook newsfeed Ad. Test out the images to ensure you have an image that is compelling to your target audience. Work on the title for at least 2 days. Run it by the person you took out to lunch and ask them if they would click on it. 6.  When they click on your ad, send them to a page where they can optin to your list. Give them something irresistible in exchange for their email. 7. Engage them. Develop a relationship. Offer them value – daily. 8. Email them and offer a free strategy session. 9. Enroll them into your program. 10. Repeat and rinse as necessary. I apply these techniques to my conscious business because I’m passionate about conscious evolution. That’s my “big why.” I use conscious marketing to help coaches make a positive impact in the world. If you have questions, I’m always here to help. Just drop me a line. I answer all my emails.

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