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How to Find Your Ideal Client & Coaching Niche by Giving Free Sessions

Are you struggling to find your ideal client or coaching niche?

Are you looking for a creative way to help you target and attract your dream client?

Then pay attention to this…

When I first started my coaching business I coached everyone that walked through my door.

I must have coached at least 60 people for free.

I really didn’t have a clear understanding of my niche or target market and decided to use coaching as a research and practice tool.

In that process, I learned volumes about who I wanted to coach and what issues I wanted to coach around.

Those free sessions were essential in helping me get clear on my ideal client and niche.

Since business is about solving problems, I was super conscious and attentive to patterns and the kinds of problems my clients showed up with.

And more important: the language the clients were using to describe their problems.

Conscious Marketing from the Inside Out

Coaching and life coaching in particular can be one of the hardest things to market and language.

When writing sales copy or content, you really have to know what your prospective client is thinking and more important: FEELING.

You know…

  • What keeps them up at night
  • What do they read, watch or listen to
  • What they love or are rabid fans of.

I’ve found that using emotional hot button language is essential when writing effective sales copy.

In those sessions I was mindful to see if I could actually provide the real results they were looking for.

I also asked myself if I would be able to jump out of bed every morning and be excited to coach those people.

I also learned a lot about sales and enrolling clients. It was a great tool for learning and practicing how to have the “money conversation.”

Sure, I gave away a lot of time.

But I found the research invaluable.

It helped me get clear about my niche and WHO I was meant to serve. And it helped me identify and speak to them in a language that they understood.

Law of Reciprocity

We’re conditioned to believe that free isn’t as valuable. But if you know your BIG WHY and you give enough value away, it has a way of coming back to you.

At first if may not show up as money. But it might show up as valuable insight about your client’s needs. And you’ll find out more about who you are and what really makes you come alive.

As a bonus, you’ll become a master of your craft.

Add Value Everyday

We all want to lead elegant and beautiful lives with less struggle and resistance.

We want our work to flow and be useful in service to others.

When we give value freely we trust there is enough.

From a conscious standpoint, I make it a spiritual practice to add value every single day.

This means valuing myself first.

If you add value and you’re clear about WHO you are and WHY you do what you do and FOR WHOM, and if you can language the value you provide, it’s only a matter of time where clients can’t help but beat a path to your doorstep.

Easy Niche Finder

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I’ve run my franchise businesses, real estate investments and coaching practice for the past 30 years using ideas in this article.

Ask me a question or comment below, I love connecting.

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