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How to Feel Better About Your Life and World

oriental childI was at the beach the other day and noticed a little oriental girl dangling her feet in the sand. She was simply enjoying the way sand trickled through her toes. I think all humans love the way sand trickles through their toes.

Being by the ocean seems to bring out the best in us. People seem more relaxed, friendly and in the mood for fun. Perhaps it’s the freedom of wearing fewer clothes that makes us feel open and vulnerable, or the sheer joy of doing nothing.

When I see people from all walks of life, race or nationality enjoying themselves and having a good time, it gives me the sense that all is right with the world.

There’s a lot coming at us these days. Technology, dire predictions, and sensory overload. But under all of this, I see order, simplicity and connection.

Not In My World

A spiritual teacher was living deep in the jungle. After having heard of the teacher’s purity and wisdom, a seeker traveled a great distance to meet him.

Upon arriving, he approached the teacher’s abode and noticed that it was quiet and simple. The sweet aroma of hibiscus filled the air, and the sound of a nearby waterfall whispered in the distance.

He entered the room and came face to face with an older man. The man had a slight smile on his face and looked relaxed and playful. The seeker spoke up immediately and said: “I’ve come a long way and I have a burning question to ask you.”

“How can you live in such an idyllic setting, sequestered from civilization, in complete peace and happiness, knowing that your fellow humans go hungry everyday, and where vast populations are starving, without potable water, simple medicines, or books, where so many suffer in complete abject poverty?”

The teacher calmly replied, “Not in my world.”

You Are Not Your Mind

The rational mind is a useful instrument to help us create strategies and
plans for survival. But your are not the mind. You are That which is aware of the mind.

Remember the carnival game, “Whack a Mole on the Head?” The game is played by trying to whack an elusive mole as he pops in and out of it’s hole.

Awareness is the main ingredient of any experience, thought or feeling. Try this with your thoughts. Watch and wait as a new thought lands on the runway of your mind. Whack! You are now the silent observer – with a hammer. Who’s doing the watching? YOU are the precondition to all perception.

Dropping interpretations and looking with a neutral mind helps us remain open and clear. In this clarity you can easily discern greater understanding and truth.

Be Happy

Why not start your day with the decision to just be happy. When you proceed from this perspective, your life becomes imbued with happiness. This happiness become your reality.

Think Compassionately about Yourself

Be kind to yourself first. We can’t practice compassion with others until we learn to treat ourselves kindly.


There is no separate you – only presence. Turn up the power of your presence. Be more present. Resist multitasking. Do one thing at a time. Fear cannot exist in present-moment awareness.

You are Greater than You Know

Realize your inward power and potential. Whatever words you want to use, awareness, presence, being, spirit, or god – they all point to the same reality. YOU are this reality. Nothing exists apart from it.

What Is

When we truly accept with equanimity, (evenness of mind especially under stress) growing older, health issues, disappointments, financial challenges and our ultimate demise, we gain access to a deeper sense of freedom. When you simply accept life, the way it is, the less you will suffer.

All One

Just as an ocean diver can feel the weight of water all around her, she is also aware that her body is mainly comprised of water. There is no beginning or end – all life fits together. We are everywhere and everything at the same time. One organism. We don’t live in a dangerous world – everything is in Divine order. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

All Is Well

We all have perfect access to truth – it is simply a matter of seeing what is. There is no need to struggle in trying to find the truth of your being. There is nothing to search for, nothing to do, it’s right where you are now.

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