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All That Is: Unity In Love

There is nowhere that God is not. We are units of pure Being, individualized, on a trajectory curving back toward Ourselves. Our purpose is to cease identification with limited mind, and to finally see who we really are. Going within, observing, and silently seeing with clarity and beyond all contradiction, that we are in essence nothing but joy embodied, is our true purpose for being.

The longing we feel for fame, wealth, love, sense of purpose or fulfillment is merely a longing to be reunited with our Creator. This is God’s great dance. This is God’s great movie. This is God’s great pleasure. The illusion called life manifests in nature as light, vibration and energy, and how seriously we identify with this illusion affects to what extent we suffer.

all that is

For awakening to occur, all shades of ego or mind rubbish must be observed, released and dissolved. All that remains is recognition of true Self, the intrinsic power of our creative abilities, and a deep sense of the all-encompassing love abiding in our hearts. This essential love impulse glowing within must finally be expressed as compassion for all creation.

Karma, knowledge, death, relationship, and duty are all irrelevant in comparison to the understanding that we are in essence God. Our shortcomings lie in our mis-identification with our minds and our desire to make sense of it all. We eventually achieve psychological maturity and go beyond lonliness, anxiety, fear and contradiction. We will not be truly fulfilled until we realize that we are not the body and we are not the mind and all that remains is the Godness within.

God exists in every cell or life impulse in the Universe and it is expressed through Universal Mind. As we learn to participate with this higher mind, we become more adept at intuitively co-creating, perceiving and manipulating existence for our highest good.

In this realization, all that exists is unity in love. The eternal impulse that propels evolution to exist, display, relate, blossom and enjoy becomes embedded in all our actions and reasons for being. How soon we come to this realization affects our collective evolution.

In essence, we are an undying impulse, living in an Omnipresent, All-Knowing, All-Powerful Universe. The engine that drives it is grace, love and longing to have us come back home.

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