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5 Limiting Money Mindsets That Keep You Stuck at Your Current Income Level

The year is 1964. My dad walked into the house yelling, “Those miserable big shots up on the hill, they own everything in town and they still shafted me! Money, is surely the root of all evil.” So I grew up believing that money was the root of all evil and that rich people were miserable and unfair. It wasn’t my dad’s fault, he was simply transmitting the beliefs he grew up with. It took me awhile, but I finally realized that I possessed many negative beliefs around money and self-value that I inherited from my family, friends and experiences. Our beliefs about money run deep, and they offer valuable insights into our self-image and perception of value. It’s no wonder that when you look closely at the relationship you have with money, you’ll find that you begin asking questions about what you value, who you value and how you value yourself. Beliefs Aren’t True Beliefs live inside your mind but outside of who you are. They are simply stories you tell yourself that you decide to believe are true. A clear mind easily sees truth. When you can see that your beliefs are untrue – you can better stand outside your beliefs and see that no situation or person has any power over you. Bringing Awareness To Your Beliefs When you notice a belief, bring awareness to it. For example, the other day, I noticed myself thinking: “I can’t afford it.” I noticed that all that is happening here is that I was experiencing a belief, I thought, “Now there’s a belief!” I stopped and asked myself why I had this belief. I asked myself, what was the impulse that originated the belief? Who helped to re-enforce that belief? What events or circumstances prompted the belief? How was I feeling when this belief was formed?
I realized that there was something that was being believed but that didn’t have to be believed.
This simple wash of awareness forces you to bring more attention to your thinking processes. Tweak Your Thinking: Big Returns You’ve got to get this idea, because I really want you to understand… You suddenly realize that it’s your negative limiting beliefs, habits and mindsets that ultimately affect your attitudes around self-value and money. And that making small changes to your thinking can make a big difference in your business and bank account. You begin to see that the game of money is really won from the inside out and that awareness and clarity are your highest leveraged states, and this new awareness changes the way you look at yourself and how you make and manage money. In my coaching practice, I help clients break through mental barriers that prevent them from making more money. Here are 5 limiting money mindsets that might be keeping you stuck at your current income level: 1. Low Self-Value Mindset What you believe about yourself is how you create your reality. When you make choices based on limiting beliefs around self-value that cause low self esteem – you create experiences that confirm it. For example… Suppose you believe that you aren’t capable of creating a fulfilling career that pays you a great income – you might not go after it. When you make choices based on self-defeating beliefs that cause low self esteem, you create experiences that confirm it. Once you recognize this limiting belief, you can begin to reset and re-align your self-esteem, and you begin to really own your expertise. 2. Fear of Success Mindset What if you got so successful that you had to show up and maintain that success? How would this affect your time and comfort level? Since being uncomfortable causes stress, the unknown probably isn’t something you intentionally seek out. So you build up a mindset where safety, security and comfort become your highest core beliefs. Even though intuitively, you know that security doesn’t exist – that it all could end tomorrow, and yet, you hold on, you tighten up and you get scared. When you identify and release this mindset, you learn to swim in a bigger pond, it might feel uncomfortable at first, but you’ll grow stronger and so will your income. 3. Wealth Doesn’t Come Easy Mindset Do you believe that making money has to be a struggle? I must admit, I’ve fallen for this belief before. I believed that you had to work long and hard in order to make a buck. As I looked deeper, I discovered that there was a trust issue at stake. I didn’t trust in the value I provided or in the abundance of the universe. Today, I make my money efficiently, effortlessly and easily. People love to give me money. 4. Desperate Money Mindset When your behavior is dictated by a desperate money mindset, you try to be all things to all people. In your desperation, you spread yourself too thin. You lose your focus and try to do everything yourself and fail to delegate. A potential customer or employer can sense your neediness a mile away, and this circular behavior only causes more desperation. This mindset creates a sense of urgency, panic and overwhelm. 5. Fear of Price Increase Mindset Do you get squeamish when it’s time to raise your prices? Many entrepreneurs see the value of their business intrinsically entwined with their personal self-value. If you are secure with the value you bring, you won’t feel any discomfort whatsoever when it comes time to ask for the sale or to raise your prices. If you fail to raise your prices or you suddenly devalue your product or service, what you’re really doing is devaluing yourself, and clients intuitively feel that you are coming from a perception of weakness and scarcity. When you are secure in your truth – you know what value you bring, and you’re not afraid to ask for what you’re worth. A Place of Sufficiency sufficiency mindsetIf your financial life is in shambles, start looking closely at your beliefs, stories, excuses, perceptions and fears you have around money. If you allow your belief to manifest on a continual basis, a pattern forms and the belief hardens and eventually turns into a mindset. Before long, you start approaching and seeing all your experiences, events and people through a filter or mindset of scarcity and lack. What would your life look like if you could approach all relationships, situations, decisions and choices from a place of sufficiency? Here are a few affirmations you can use to ramp up your thinking around self-value and money. Say them out loud daily and with great conviction until you know it, feel it and own it.

40 Daily Prosperity Affirmations

  1. I value myself.
  2. I honor myself at all times.
  3. I value my time and energy.
  4. I am worthy of receiving abundance.
  5. I deserve to be prosperous.
  6. I am the source of my abundance.
  7. I am self-confident, loving and generous.
  8. I value my money.
  9. My self-worth and net worth are building every day.
  10. I am open to abundance.
  11. I manage my money wisely.
  12. I always have more than enough money.
  13. People love to give me money.
  14. I am prosperous, healthy and happy.
  15. I think positively about money and abundance.
  16. My financial situation is improving day by day.
  17. I love money and magnetically draw it to me.
  18. I can feel more money flowing to me easily.
  19. Money always comes to me with perfect timing.
  20. I invite more money to come to me daily.
  21. I am comfortable having large sums of money.
  22. I choose to feel good about money now.
  23. Money comes to me in fun and surprising ways.
  24. I can feel my bank account being full of money.
  25. I believe that money is flowing to me now.
  26. I give myself permission to be as rich as I want.
  27. I welcome financial freedom.
  28. I love feeling as if I have plenty of money.
  29. My inner guidance leads me to abundance.
  30. I am building a financially stable future for myself and my family.
  31. I believe in unlimited possibilities.
  32. Every day my belief in abundance grows.
  33. I trust that the universe will always meet my needs.
  34. I give myself permission to have what I want.
  35. I give myself permission to be and do what I want.
  36. I trust that everything comes at the perfect time and in the perfect way.
  37. Money comes to me in unexpected ways.
  38. My energy is focused and directed to my goals.
  39. My energy flows freely and easily in all areas of my life.
  40. Feeling joyful is a great way to attract money.

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  • Pankaj Dixit
    Posted June 19, 2012 at 5:39 am

    Very well written and inspiring article. When we drop our limiting beliefs, opportunities become clearer.

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