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What’s Your Frequency? Brain Waves and Your Happiness

You may have heard about the exciting field of brain waves and brain wave entrainment.

If you are like most people though, you probably are a little confused about what exactly the big fuss is about, or even if there is any legitimate science behind it.

By the end of this article, you will understand what the fuss is about and how this whole thing works!

Let’s zoom out and talk about happiness, which is something we are all striving for.

Your Brain and Your Happiness

While very few people are happy 24/7, some people are certainly happier than others. There are multiple factors that go into happiness, with personal physical, emotional and psychological factors being the most important.

As you know, what happens in your brain plays a big part in determining your state.

People who are consumed by negative beliefs and mindsets tend to be less happy than people with generally positive beliefs.

Your brain’s influence on your happiness goes well beyond beliefs.

It changes frequencies at different times during the day, and these different frequencies heavily influence your state because each frequency puts you into a different state of consciousness.

Let’s quickly run through the five major brain frequencies, and then we will talk about how to use this knowledge to improve your life.

The measurement for frequency is cycles per second (Hz). The higher the frequency, the greater the activity and, in general, the more volatile the emotions you will feel.

Gamma (Above 40Hz)

You are not in the Gamma frequency very often, but when you are, you know it. The Gamma frequency is generally brief but intense, and is associated with bursts of insight and high-level information processing.

Beta (14-40Hz)

This is the most common frequency that your brain is in.

When you are in this frequency, you have a heightened state of awareness, logic and critical reasoning. It definitely has its benefits, but also has serious drawbacks as our “default” frequency.

People in Beta are prone to be stimulus junkies and have a difficult time focusing. When you hear that little negative voice inside you, that is the dark side of Beta coming out.

Alpha (7.5-14Hz)

Have you ever been in the shower and been struck by a brilliant solution to a problem that’s been nagging you for a long time?

That’s the benefit of the Alpha frequency.

The Alpha frequency is great because it is when you are most creative.

People who spend more time in Alpha tend to be more relaxed, focused and imaginative than people who spend most of their time in Beta.

Theta (4-7.5Hz)

Theta is what you experience when you are lightly sleeping or in deep mindfulness meditation. It is the frequency that people who report deep spiritual connections are typically in.

Delta (.5-4Hz)

This is the slowest of frequencies, which you typically only experience when you are in deep, dreamless sleep.

Some people who are able to do deep, transcendental mindfulness meditation also get into Delta. You feel totally detached in this frequency. A lot of healing occurs in this frequency, which is why quality sleep is so important.

Mental exercises like breathing exercises, audio programs like binaural beats, and spiritual practices like mindfulness meditation help you switch between frequencies.

By allowing you to experience Alpha and even deeper frequencies, you can help develop a healthier mind and body.

For this reason, understanding brain frequencies and the tools to work with them is potentially life-changing!

Why Not Give Binaural Beats A Try

I just created a gentle binaural beat mindfulness meditation mp3 designed to take you from a Beta state, through Alpha and into a deep Theta mindfulness meditation state in 20 minutes flat!

I call it the: “All Is Well Binaural Beat Brain Entrainment Meditation.”

Along with an embedded binaural beat, I’ve composed an original music score that includes ocean, rain and bird sounds, all designed to calm and relax you like nothing else can. And it will quickly ramp you down into a deep Theta mindfulness meditation state in no time.

Like a mother comforting her child saying, “All Is Well.”

Try using it before bed, on the plane or after a stressful day. You should begin noticing the effects of binaural beats after just a few uses.

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