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Soul Affirmation: My Life With Ken LaDeroute as a Wife, Friend & Singer

I’ve been married to Ken since 1983 and I have seen what mindfulness meditation and affirmations can do for a person first hand. When we met, Ken was hyperactive, moody and searching. He was the guitar player in a band, and I was the singer.

ken laderoute 131Ken grew up in Kapuskasing, Ontario, a small northern Canadian town where hunting, fishing and cold temperatures where the norm. Ken was a quiet, mild, sensitive kid with thick glasses. His parents struggled, but somehow managed to raise five kids and two additional foster children. They knew he was different and they sheltered him. He focused inwardly and often escaped by playing the guitar. Growing up was painful.

He left his small town, moved to a city and got a real job which he hated. Depressed, he finally quit. He wanted to pursue his real love – music. Ken knew in order to survive he had to do some major work on his belief system. He knew he had to stop believing he was that small town kid. He answered an ad, joined a band and came alive playing music and traveling.

Healing Music & Meditation

This new life allowed him to come out of his shell. During this time, he read anything he could get his hands on that would facilitate his personal power, give him confidence, and help him better relate to people. He read books by Edgar Cayce, Parahamansa Yogananda, Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins and many others. He learned to meditate and it changed him deeply. He kept and still keeps journals, lists of goals, intentions, inspiring articles and motivational quotes. I’ve never met anyone who has done as much personal and transformational work on himself. Today, Ken is a very successful, fulfilled and joyful man. How did that happen?

Self Development & Empowerment

Ken currently owns a franchise, commercial real estate, and has bought and renovated foreclosed property. He is a self-taught musician, and has been the leader of a very successful band for 14 years. He is an accomplished audio engineer and composer and produces work for others in addition to his own. He designs graphics for our CD covers, creates our web sites, and markets our products. He has even taught at a University with no more than a high school diploma. He has been a prince of a husband for 25 years, and treats my mother like a queen. I could go on and on.

Ken has studied spiritual and personal development for as long as I can remember. He was always reading heavy stuff that I knew nothing about. After all, I was a 21 year old girl in a rock band. Ken makes me think and work on myself, even though I’m the silly bumble bee who flits around, wants to have fun, incites laughter and keeps our life from getting too serious.

Affirmation Power

No, he isn’t perfect, he’s human. The effort he makes to live his life from a heart full of love has always influenced me. Right now I’m feeling pretty insignificant as Ikenamy1980 write about all that he has accomplished, but he has taught me to recognize when negative self talk finds its way into my head.

Ken continues to study and teach mindfulness meditation which he has done for 30 years. He has become a spiritual teacher and strongly believes that our thoughts affect every aspect of our lives. He writes music about affirmations because he wants to help people, raise their consciousness and empower them. He wants to show them that if they look deeply inside themselves they will find everything they need; the very essence of God.

Soul Affirmation – Music For Better Outcomes

Our new CD Soul Affirmation does just that and I am privileged to be the voice of the project. I feel like I’ve contributed so little. Ah, there’s that negative voice. I change that to: I am a huge contributing factor to this CD project and my singing voice and interpretation is beautiful. My purpose is to bring Ken’s magical, powerful words to life. That’s better don’t you think? I’m still working on it and I’ve got a long way to go. Whoops, there it is again! I change that to: I know that I am the best that I can be each and every day. You’re getting it now aren’t you? Good luck and keep working on it! I know I am. After all, I’ve got to keep up with Ken.

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