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Mindfulness: A New Way to Live and Do Business

I’ve found a new way to live and do business.

It’s taken me over 30 years to understand and implement these techniques I’m about to share with you right now.

Once you learn and adopt these techniques, I guarantee your life will change for the better.

Everything you do will feel effortless and easy. You’ll do the right things at the right time and in less time with less effort.

And you’ll enjoy a lightness of being with less struggle and your business will take off!

Resistance To Life

Face it – your ego has a choke hold on you and it’s used to calling the shots.

You have worked long and hard crafting a story you tell yourself about yourself and your ego gets threatened when you decide to take control. It’s afraid of losing it’s identity.

I know it’s scary to let go of everything you believe and identify with. But if you feel stuck, trapped or things aren’t going so well, maybe it’s time to try something different.

Maybe it’s time to drop the struggle. Maybe it’s time to stop trying so hard. Maybe it’s time to stop defending or resisting your life.

It Starts With Your Body

Your body is naturally intelligent.

Your heart beats and your lungs breathe without any direction from your mind. If you cut yourself, the body’s intelligence goes to work and HEALS the wound.

Why can’t you trust and allow the body’s innate intelligence to run your life and business?

What’s stopping you from tuning into your intuition or heart wisdom?

Heart Wisdom

I cannot describe heart wisdom better that the following quote by D.T. Suzuki (1870-1966)

“Penetrating deep down into the center of one’s own being one finds a nameless transparency, an awake space filled by all the world, from one’s own thoughts and feelings and body to the stars in the heavens. This still, spacious no-thingness is the heart of everyone’s being. Thus to find this no-thingness is to see that one is fundamentally united with all beings. At root there is only one – the One.”

Practice Thoughtless Awareness

What Is Thoughtless Awareness?

  • Thoughtless awareness is simply being in a no mind state.
  • Thoughtless awareness is simply being.
  • Thoughtless awareness is light and naturally joyful.

Whoa There! How the heck do I stop my mind from thinking so much, you ask?

First, start by paying more attention to your thought stream.

Being mindful helps. I like this definition of mindfulness

Mindfulness: Bringing one’s complete attention to the present experience on a moment to moment basis, non-judgmentally, just as it is.

The easiest way to be in a no mind state is to be in present moment awareness. No thoughts of the future, no thoughts of the past. Just NOW.

The Judge-Mental Habit Exercise

If you’ve developed a judge-mental or labeling habit, try this experiment…

Go to a busy coffee shop alone. Find a place where you can sit and observe other people walking by.

Be conscious. Give your complete attention to your thought stream. What is your mind telling you about what you observe?

If you are like most people you might be thinking…

“Hmm… she’s kinda cute.” Or, “That guy needs to stop smoking, he’s overweight.” Or, “She is so rude, texting while at the dinner table with her family.”

This judging or labeling noise cuts you off from your heart wisdom. It clouds your intellect and prevents you from living in flow.

With thoughtless awareness you simply see. You watch with enjoyment and curiosity. You allow the “movie” appearing before you to simply be as it is.

We’re Human Beings not Human Doings

Our society has conditioned us to always be doing.

“What’s on your TO DO list?” “What are we doing this weekend?” “I don’t have anything to do?” “Now what do we do?” Or as my grandmother would lament, “What to do, what to do?”

I’m asking you to change your behavior.

Start living from being rather than doing.

From the calm, still point place of your being, connect to the wisdom of your heart.

When you are mindful, you turn off your mind and you will hear your heart whispering. Learn to listen and trust it.

You will feel a freedom and a power that you’ve never felt before. And this power grows and builds up into a magnificent presence.

Awakened Doing

Now that you are a master of thoughtless awareness, you’re ready to start doing.

In this moment, ask: “What wants to happen?” Feel it in your body. Feel your presence. As soon as an answer comes, act immediately. Do not hesitate. Just do it – whatever it is.

Let’s say that you have to do something for your business. Maybe you’ve outlined a project or a marketing task that you need to get done.

Get up, without thinking and just start. Do it until you’ve done enough. Trust that you’ll know when to stop. Once you have done whatever you need to do, STOP and go back to thoughtless awareness.

Be without judgment and let the Universe do the doing. Let thoughtless awareness be your default state of being.

Thinking less brings a huge payoff too.

When you practice thoughtless awareness, when it’s time to make a life or business decision, your mind will be refreshed and clear.


Green Light Living

Here’s how it FEELS to live your life and business in thoughtless awareness and awakened doing.

Imagine  driving your car and as you approach a red traffic light it suddenly turns green. You can see the next traffic light up ahead and just as you get closer, it also turns green.

And the next traffic light is green and so on.

You feel so alive and exhilarated and realize nothing can stop you. You feel like your are on a free ride to anywhere you want to go with all green lights, in the flow, without resistance.

This is how it FEELS when you live in thoughtless awareness and awakened doing.

Your Purpose is Now

Forget about purpose. Concentrate on being present.

As a mindfulness coach, I’m intent on helping my clients be fully present, slow down and work smarter, not harder.

As business people, we have a strong vision for ourselves and for what we’ll become in the future. While it is important to be goal-oriented with a deep desire for what we want to achieve, if our desires and goals aren’t met this can cause deep unrest, dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

You know the drill, once goals are achieved, we’ll come up with a whole new set of future goals. This never ending cycle can make you feel like a marathon runner without a finish line!

We must remind ourselves that life happens in the present moment.

Ask yourself the question, “What would happen if I allowed this moment to be just as it is?”

That one question will bring you back down to earth. Back to the reality of now. Back to thoughtless awareness. Back to reality.

The RIGHT Marketing Message

Your business is a reflection of your consciousness. When you are hooked up to the truth of who you are, how can you fail?

If you are deliberate and methodical with your actions, you will succeed.

I help my clients get in touch with their heart wisdom. Then we craft a message aligned with that vision.

When you practice mindfulness, even for a little while, and let yourself be guided by your heart wisdom, how can you go wrong?

The more in tune you are with your heart wisdom the easier it becomes to put language to your message. That’s all marketing is, right?

I’ve run my franchise businesses, real estate investments and coaching practice for the past 30 years using ideas in this article.

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