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I’m Thinking of Good Vibrations

I love music. I hear music in everything around me, especially in nature. As an audio engineer, musician and meditator, I am acutely aware of vibration. When I pick up my guitar and nestle it close to my body, my creative mind directs my fingers to play. Suddenly, there is a mutual exchange of energy – from me through the guitar and from the guitar through me. I embody the vibration of music.

Scientists tell us that at the subatomic level, there is nothing but energy. Everything in the universe is alive and pulsating with vibration! All matter, molecules, particles, atoms and cells have vibratory electrical fields, and through these vibrations, energy is transferred from one substance to another.

We are vibrating creatures and we affect each other by our thoughts, words and energy fields. I think it’s important that we bring more awareness to our personal vibration and it’s affects on the world around us.

Mind Vibration

Insight, imagination, creativity, intuition and spirit do not exist in brain tissue. All ideas, love and emotion come from Pure Consciousness that manifests in and through the mind and heart.

Vibrationally, when we allow our egos to dominate our lives, we cutoff access to Pure Consciousness. That is why it’s so important to be mindful of the kinds of thoughts and feelings we allow into the mind through our senses,

Our mental awareness is like a pond. When it becomes agitated, it becomes less able to reflect the light of Pure Consciousness – resulting in distorted perceptions. We see, but it is through a marred or distorted lens. Through this distorted perception, we make decisions about our life.

Spending time in no-thought mindfulness meditation refines the vibration and frequency of the mind. Subtle realms of pure consciousness nurture and clear our mental perceptions, enabling us to see with greater clarity.

When your awareness is clear, you are better equipped to focus your personal power and consciously choose the highest vibration possible.

Heart Vibration

Due to endless mind chatter and confusion, our minds have become overly compulsive. Because of lack of use and function, our hearts have become closed and asleep. We either haven’t been shown what love is, or if we have, we’ve forgotten how to love. For a happier world, this imbalance must be moderated.

How do we get our hearts to vibrate? Get off of the computer and get outside and feel the vibration of life. Feel the wind on your face, the sun on your back, take a walk in nature, preferably without your shoes on. Play with children, surprise your loved one with flowers, volunteer for a good cause or talk to an elder. The natural good vibrations of life will soon quicken and raise your heart vibration.

Word Vibration

The words we form are mini vibration creations. A simple word can have so many meanings depending upon how it is framed and according to the intention behind it.

When the word is released, it carries with it great power. It either organizes, destroys, facilitates, loves, criticizes or compliments. The vibration hits us with great impact. It either builds or destroys.

Why are we attracted to certain words and repelled by others? Certainly intention has a great effect. The intention behind the word propels the word deeper into our psyche.

Also, our perception, belief systems, motivations and desire have a part to play in how the word is either interpreted or perceived.

Affirmations carry great power. When we speak with conviction we embolden and reinforce our behavior. Our words affect what we believe about ourselves and help create our future.

I have found affirmations to work so well in my life, I decided to write a whole music CD called Soul Affirmation – Music For Better Outcomes. Watch this video and read the affirmations aloud with my song, “It Comes From Me.” Feel the words and music with your heart. If you like it, Like or share it on Facebook for others.

Relationship Vibration

Our particular vibratory rate is responsible for how we resonate toward each other. A musician resonates well with other musicians and so on. Surely, this is how relationships are formed. Who we attract or become attracted to has everything to do with resonance and vibration.

Ask yourself, who is worthy of your vibration? And are you deserving of theirs? Broadening our awareness as to how a mutual exchange of energy affects our own vibratory rates can make a difference in how we consciously choose our relationships. Paying attention to who gives you a good ‘vibe’ is a great awareness to cultivate.

Presence Vibration

If you’ve made it this far, I’ve saved the big Kahuna for last.

Whatever words you want to use, awareness, presence, being, spirit, or god – they all point to the same reality. YOU are this reality. Nothing exists apart from it.

Your presence is vibration. This frequency can be turned up – just like the volume on your stereo. You turn it up by being centered in present moment awareness and by thinking less and being attentive.

When you are centered more often than not in present moment awareness, you experience clarity of thought, and a lighter, freer state emerges.

Your vibration suddenly becomes a vibration of peace and stillness and you’re better equipped to deal with stress and worry. As the mind deepens in this presence, worry and stress cannot survive, which is the ideal environment for a fulfilling and contented life.

Your vibrational presence makes for happier relationships, more productivity at work, healthier bodies, and more joy and laughter. This ripples and has a cumulative effect, as we become more consciously skillful in our ability to harmonize and contribute to a better world.

Your Turn!

I’d love to hear from you on this one. Tell me what quickens your vibration, and who or what makes your heart open?

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